Certified Coordinated Bride Rachel

Journal Entry #2

The Business of Being a Bride

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

After coming off the high of being engaged, I knew the next important step was to choose my bridesmaids.  I wanted to choose the girls in my life who had truly been a support system for myself, as well as my relationship with Milton over the years. After taking time to think about who those women were, I decided I wanted to propose to the ladies by sending them a gift and a handwritten card asking them to take part in my special day. All of my bridesmaids lived in different cities except one, so I had to mail the gifts to them.  I filled the box with a beautiful water bottle with their name on it, candy, nail polish, a candle, a loofah, and a beautiful card. The girls really loved the gifts and gladly accepted my offer to be my bridesmaid on my wedding date.

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Saying Yes to My Dream Dress!

Once I knew I had the girls by my side, I happened to go shopping for my dress exactly one year from the date of my wedding, August 8th 2014. My mom and I were the only two who went shopping for the wedding dress. I’d always said I only wanted my mom and I to go shopping for my wedding dress, because I was very clear on the style I was looking for. I didn’t want too many opinions about my dress when it was time to decide. I trusted that my mom and I could get the job done. The funny thing is, my mom and I started shopping for the dress alone, but more got added to the party as the day went on..lol! My mom and I started shopping at a bridal boutique in Chicago. As I began to try on dresses, we came across a dress we thought could be “The one,” however we couldn’t make up our minds about the dress. So we decided we would leave the boutique and come back the next day. When we left the store, the dress was all we could think about. We decided to call a fashionable friend of my mom, who lived close to the store, to confirm our thoughts about the dress. So we picked up my mom’s friend and her daughter, and then we headed back to the boutique.

After we made it back to the store, I was on my way to the dressing room to try on the dress that I fell in love with, and I spotted a beautiful distinctive gown on the rack. I asked my mom why we didn’t initially choose this dress to try on, and she stated she didn’t know. She then asked me if I wanted to try to the dress on. I said no, “Let’s go with what I already have.” My sales person then said, “Just try it on, it’s a beautiful gown and it’s the silhouette you’re looking for.”  So I agreed. I figured what could it hurt to try the dress on. Well, I tried the dress on and the rest is history! I immediately fell in love and knew that it was the perfect dress for me. When I came out the dressing room, everyone in the store stopped to look and said it was absolutely gorgeous. One lady even told me, I would be ” A bride to remember.”  I knew then it was a showstopper and I had to have it!  I tried the initial dress on again that I thought I liked to ensure I was making the right decision, and there was no comparison between the two dresses.  When I reflect back, I think leaving the boutique to pick up my mom’s friend was the best thing we could have done, because if we hadn’t, we would never have found the perfect dress for me!  I can’t wait to see Milton’s face when he see’s me in the dress!

Bridesmaid Dresses, When You Know, You Know…

After having amazing luck with finding my dress, I knew finding my bridesmaids’ dresses would be a piece of cake.  It was important to find a bridesmaids dress that was elegant, soft, and complimented my bridesmaids. I didn’t want bold colors for the wedding. I decided on the color scheme that was true to my style aesthetic, so I choose champagne, ivory, and blush pink.  With those colors in mind, my mom, maid of honor, cousin, and family friend headed to a bridesmaids boutique to find the dress.  I already had my eye on a dress, so we choose to try on that dress as well a few more options. We ended up picking the dress I initially wanted in a beautiful blush pink. I know the girls are going to look amazing in their dresses.

I can truly say choosing my bridesmaids, proposing to them, shopping for my dress, and shopping for my bridesmaids’ dress was truly a smooth process I was extremely pleased with! Now its just time for me to sit back and watch as everything comes together for our big day!

Talk to you soon!
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