Certified Coordinated Bride Karen

Journal Entry #2




noun– a girl or woman who accompanies a bride on her wedding day.

For me, it’s not just a girl or a woman.  It’s a sister, a confidant, a counselor, a tear wiper, a ‘put on all black and catch a dude’ rider (don’t act like you haven’t been there), a success sharer, and a supporter.  With that being the definition, it was truly easy to choose the nine women I wanted to accompany me on my wedding day.  Funny thing is, my fiancé made an observation that I don’t have any childhood friends (unlike him) in my party.  I love my childhood friends but the women I chose befriended me in my era of self-discovery.  They have poured into me and helped mold me into the woman I am today.  I am beyond motivated by each of these ladies every day.


Ashlee K. –MOH

I met Ashlee my sophomore year (her freshman year) at the University of Texas at Austin. She used to wear her hair with a deep side part before they were cool and I just had to help her out; so I asked could I do her hair. I was kitchen beautician in those days. From that point on we became the best of friends. Although Ashlee lives in Houston, we talk just about every day so it’s just like she’s here.

Chaunte W. – MOH

I first remember Chaunte on the bus to sign up for work study. She lived on the same floor and was my hair client. She reminded me of girls from home which was important being new to a campus of 50,000. After college Chaunte moved to Dallas and our friendship truly blossomed into sisterhood. We were roommates for a while so that means she knows me like no other.

Nina B.- Bridemaid in charge of realness

I met Nina walking on campus with a mutual associate our freshman year. Nina has always been the calming voice of reason and TRUTH. I can count on her to tell it like it is!

Charian C. –Bridesmaid in charge of prayer

I met Charian at my first real job after I graduated from UT. This country girl is the sweetest most positive person I know. When I first introduced them, she knew Willie was the one for me.

Danielle D. – Bridesmaid in charge of pictures

I met Danielle during my freshman year at UT. One thing everyone knows about Danielle is: the girl can hustle and deal. She does it all with a sweet smile! She is the founder of #TeamWillie (LOL).

Tiniece H. – Bridesmaid in charge of my mama

I first remember Niecy as that girl who was always around. Others referred to her as my sister and so I called her that too. LOL! My sister has known me all my life. We’ve shared rooms, clothes, and parents so she rightfully earned her spot in the Notorious Nine!

Crystal W. – Bridesmaid in charge of music

I met Crystal at UT. She was my faithful client who came very 2-3 weeks to get her hair done! Who doesn’t bond at the beauty shop? This girl here puts the c in cool.

LaJontee W. – Bridesmaid in charge of medical emergencies

I met LaJontee at UT our freshman year. She was like that quiet mystery person who was always there. Though she’s not a mystery now, she is still always there and definitely a good friend.

Jessica W. – Bridesmaid in charge of spirits

Jessica and I were classmates in high school. She used to work at my favorite store in the mall and was always so sweet. Fast forward many years later, who knew that I would be dating her little brother? She’s already a great sister!

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I decided to propose to my bridesmaids with a personal card.  I wanted the proposal to be sincere and personal so I created cards online.  Each card contained pictures of us throughout the years, and a personal message.  I presented them with a ring pop.  For my two MOH, I created a leather storybook of our friendship.  I wanted everyone to know why I chose them and how much I value our sisterhood.  I heart my squad and I knew that they would help make everything as stress free as possible.

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So far I can truly say that my Notorious Nine are everything!  They constantly text me to see if I am okay or if I need anything.  They constantly tell me to hand over some duties.  I’m working on that part though. I just pray that every bride picks a squad that is as great as mine.  They have not complained about one thing and that has made this process truly amazing! Be blessed!