Certified Coordinated Bride Harmony

Journal Entry #1

“Love at Rendezvous’ Peak”

My name is Harmony Thibodeaux-Lyles and I am a 30 year old Assistant Professor of Psychology at South Louisiana Community College in Lafayette, LA. I am a graduate of LSU and Penn State, a former NFL cheerleader, and I am really excited about planning my dream wedding. Although I love all things luxury, I am very down to earth and love outdoorsy activities in addition to having a whimsical hippy chic personality. I have a passion for teaching and a deep love of yoga.

My fiancé is Brent Jamal Rochon and he is a board certified Cardiologist practicing at Heart and Vascular Associates of Acadiana here in Lafayette, LA. Brent is the Cardiology director at Franklin Foundation Hospital and Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Lafayette. In his free time Brent enjoys fishing, football watching, cooking, and spending time with close friends and family.

Our Story

The Harmony and Brent story began in March of 2013. Brent was celebrating his birthday with a group of friends and my friend and I just so happened to be in the same bar on that night. Brent and I noticed each other, but before we could meet on our own a mutual friend stepped in and introduced us and mentioned how great we would be together. We exchanged numbers and Brent contacted me the next day, we have been together ever since!

The Proposal

By June of 2015 we were literally inseparable and began planning our summer vacation to Jackson Hole, WY. Little did I know, Brent was planning to propose on our summer trip. On June 9 of 2015 we arrived in Jackson Hole around 2pm which was about an hour before official check in time at the Four Seasons.  We decided to get some lunch at a restaurant on the resort property and as we were eating I saw a large tram ascend from near our hotel to the peak of Rendezvous Mountain. I got so excited and said, “Oh let’s go on the tram later”, to which Brent agreed. As soon as we finished lunch we checked into our room and headed to purchase tram tickets. The last tram of the day ended around 4:30pm and luckily we got the last ride to the peak of the mountain for the day. Once at the top of Rendezvous Mountain, a 10,000 ft. peak, Brent steered me over to a rock where he wanted to sit down.  As we sat on the rock Brent began telling me how much he loved me and that he really would like us to spend the rest of our lives together. I think I gave him a strange and confused look at this point and that’s when he got down on one knee and pulled out an amazing cushion cut solitaire diamond and asked me to marry him. I was so stunned at being on an amazing mountain, with my best friend, and looking at the most gorgeous ring! Of course, I SAID YES! I was completely surprised and had no idea it was coming. Needless to say before we made it to the bottom of the mountain I had a ton of calls, texts, and social media messages from friends and family. I called my mom to share the news….and of course she and my dad already knew. Brent had asked them for their blessing prior to our trip.

The following week was the best week of my life. We spent time doing a private fly fishing tour, a private guided tour of Yellowstone, and white water rafting on the Snake River. Every detail was perfect and I loved spending that first week of forever with my best friend and soon to be husband!

Our wedding date is set for June 3, 2017 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer: Quinton Charles Photography @quintoncharlesphotography // Makeup: Detra Celestine-Broussard  // Dress: Park Lane Boutique