Certified Coordinated Bride Katrina

Journal Entry #1

Love at First Sight

I am Katrina Jones. I recently graduated from SNHU with a B.A. in English Language and Literature. I love to write and this is a great opportunity to write and share my wedding planning journey with you.  I am marrying my wonderful fiancé Rick Williams on July 20th in the state of New York.  Let me bring you up to speed on our story…

How We Met

Rick and I met in 2005 while we both were working for the Gap Inc. located in New York, NY. I was 18 years old and he was 20 years old. It was truly love at first sight. I was working as a cashier part-time while in my senior year of college and Rick was working as a stock clerk. I was processing a transaction with a customer in front of me when Rick happened to be walking past. My eyes met his and it felt like we stared at each other forever when it was probably only a few seconds. I was in awe and so was he. For the next few days at work we smiled at each other when passing and one day he finally asked me out!  Rick and I officially started dating May of 2006. We got engaged on November, 29, 2015. We were together for 9 years before he FINALLY proposed!

How He Proposed

After dropping hints everywhere and anywhere about wanting to be engaged I finally decided to let go and let God. Little did I know that my fiancé had taken my mother and sister ring shopping with him just the day before he proposed.   Not only that, my fiancé sat down with both my father and grandfather and asked for their blessing to marry me.   On November 29, 2015, I was asked by my mother if we’d join the family in having a dinner for my uncle. The dinner took place at a restaurant called Piquant. I had no intention of going out as I had nothing to wear, no hair do, and no makeup artist available. Both my mom and sister insisted and Rick was quick to say yes to the unexpected plans. On short notice, I asked Rick to bring me a dress and a pair of shoes out of the closet so I could change and look half way decent. We all arrive at the restaurant and the night just felt perfect. For one, the restaurant was empty besides us, dim lighting with the help of some candles, and all love songs playing. I still thought nothing of the night, until, the waiter brought our drinks. Rick held up his glass and began saying he would like to make a toast. In my mind, I’m thinking, what is the occasion? He says, “I’d like to toast to family and forever. Babe I love you with all of my heart and I was wondering if you’d spend forever with me?” I was floored! I couldn’t believe the moment I’d been waiting on was finally happening and even more so in front of my family and our daughter. I said YES before he could even finish the question.

Wedding Planning

As of today, we are 88 days away from saying I do. I’ve proposed to my bridal squad (leaving Rick in charge of the groom squad), our venue is already secured, we’ve created our wedding website, we had our engagement photo session, we had a perfect DIY Engagement Party, chose our photographer and videographer, found our florist, mailed out our save the dates, and I’ve said YES TO THE DRESS! My top focus for the remainder of this year is to get my bridal squad dresses picked out, secure all details for my bachelorette trip, and pick our invitations and possible calligraphy artist. I look forward to picking our honeymoon destination, putting together some bridal squad attire ideas for the bachelorette trip, putting together a beauty plan for the big day, and tying up any loose ends. While I have crossed a lot of things off the to do list, there is still much left to go to make sure everything is extra perfect!  I’m excited about the journey ahead.

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Photographer: Roland Hyde

XO, Katrina