Certified Coordinated Bride Tori

Journal Entry #2

I’ve Found My Man, But I Still Need My Girls!

With any engagement or wedding, the main focus is of course on the couple. However, for any bride looking to tackle the wedding planning without hiring an actual planner, we all know that she will definitely need her right hand girls. Heavily involving your girls into the mix of fun and madness that comes along with the wedding is NECESSARY! Needless to say, choosing which girls to share the experience with is a big deal.

Now, considering Frank and I have been together for nearly a decade, my girlfriends knew the proposal was coming (literally, some of them knew he was popping the question and I had no clue). Along with the excitement that comes with being a new fiancé, I shifted my attention toward popping the question to my potential bridal party. Frank planned a secluded, romantic proposal in the Dominican Republic for us, so not long after we came home, we wanted to celebrate with family and our closest friends.

I of course wanted to start planning EVERYTHING A-S-A-P, so I figured this was the perfect time (right away) to ask my girls and for Frank to ask his guys to stand by our side for the big day. It was at this moment I realized Etsy would become my new best friend. I searched up the cutest knot rings, props, and ideas that I could find, and I POPPED the question to my girls with adorable rings that they wear all the time, homemade caramel POPcorn (I love to cook and bake, so this was definitely a gift made with love) and some cute other tasty treats.

My message to my girls read, “I found my man but I still need my girls, will you be my bridesmaid?” Oh, and I can’t forget about the guys! Frank had custom Jack Daniels bottles made, personalized with each guy’s name, asking them to be a groomsmen (and of course a root beer bottle, for our junior groomsman)!

With all in reply of “yes,” we had our bridal party chosen.

Commence the planning!

XOXO, Tori