Certified Coordinated Bride Tori

Journal Entry #1

Who Knew My First Crush Would Be My Last

Couple: Tori Harrington and Frank Sichta || Wedding Date: May 12, 2017 ||Wedding State: NJ

Hi there! I am so excited to share my fairy-tale with everyone reading! My name is Tori and my fiancé’s name is Frank. We share a very unique love story, and let me start by saying that we’ve been dating for nine years! He was my first boyfriend in eighth grade (insane, I know). We are obsessed with the engaged life, and it definitely shows through our wedding planning.

Frank and I grew up in the same town and through mutual friends, we began to hang out. At the young age of 13 Frank asked me to be his girlfriend. Who knew that my first crush, would be my last?!

After eight years of steadily dating throughout high school and college, Frank and I went on a “baecation” to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Mid vacation, Frank took me to a romantic dinner at the resort. After dinner, Frank asked if I wanted to go for a “walk on the beach.” I was in a glamorous red dress and wedges, so I asked Frank if I could go back to our hotel room to change first. He insisted we go down by the water right then and there, so I agreed, and didn’t think anything of it. As we approached the ocean, I saw a display of candles along the shoreline and a table set up for two. I immediately began to complain to Frank, thinking we were intruding on someone’s romantic dinner (remember, we had dinner already at this point, so I had NO idea that the table could potentially be for us)! Little did I know…

Frank insisted on continuing to walk toward the water. As we got closer, I noticed that the seats were empty and no one occupied the table. There were candles, and about two-dozen roses. Suddenly, Frank got down on one knee, and beside him in the sand said “Will You Marry Me?” before I knew it, a professional photographer was flashing pictures and I was screaming YES (as tears of excitement and happiness rolled down my face).


We finished our vacation in paradise and came home to our family and friends to celebrate. Now, Frank and I are approaching our ten-year anniversary and are overwhelmed with excitement as we continue to plan the wedding of our dreams! We’ve picked out a stunning wedding venue, an awesome DJ, an extravagant florist, and I recently found my dream wedding dress – a dramatic, jaw-dropping piece that I cannot wait to show off! I work in New York City, and spend my weekends traveling to numerous wedding appointments and piecing together my fairy-tale wedding day. I can’t wait to share all of the beautiful details with everyone!

Here are a few of my favorite shots captured from our engagement shoot with Kirth Bobb.

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Engagement Shoot Images by Kirth Bobb.