Certified Coordinated Bride Tiffany

Journal Entry #4

Finally Where We Belong

Hey y’all!

As I write this entry, I do so with a special thought in mind. When you get the chance to read this as my post goes live, I will be at my wedding!  I can’t believe the day that we have planned for two years and four days is officially here. My heart is about to burst! It is just so full of love, joy and appreciation for our family, bridal party, friends and vendors who have helped to make our day possible.

I am calm and trusting that this day is everything we’ve hoped, dreamed and prayed it would be. By the grace of God, my path in life crossed with my fiancé and as you read this, I get to be his wife. Not only have we planned for two years, but I’ve dreamed of my wedding day since I was about three years old. There were plenty of times when I thought I had a plan, that I knew what I wanted in life… and then I met James. I’ll never deny that we were different people. It wasn’t love at first sight and people didn’t always see how we were meant to be a couple but we’ve always celebrated our differences as one of our strengths. We created and share something that we wouldn’t be able to have with anyone else but each other; and it happened so naturally without force. We developed an authentic and genuine love, respect and appreciation for one another and I pray each day that we may always recall, honor and maintain what we were blessed to find.

At the end of the night our wedding will have come and gone. It’s such a crazy thing to say! I’ve watched ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ religiously since I was about eleven, spent two years preparing for this day and it’s about to become a memory. Because we always knew what felt “right” when planning our wedding, the process was so stress free. And I imagine that tonight will be no different. I get to marry my partner in life and that will never become my past as I get to live as his wife each and every day. Come rain, hell or high water, this day will be the tangible start of our life as husband and wife, even though we’ve treated each other as such for as long as I can remember.

Today is defined by one of the final lines in my vows to James which reads as follows:

“Today seems like it should be the start of a new chapter but I already belong with you. It is difficult to express through words but I know you’ll understand.  Today feels like we’re finally going home. ”

After all that we’ve experienced in life as individuals, after planning and praying for a marriage that we both only dreamed of, we’re finally here. We’re finally where we belong.

Y’all, thank you for following, supporting, and encouraging us through this journey. I am a blessed woman. I can’t believe this is real.

I can’t wait to share all of the details in my next post but feel free to check out our vendors or follow our hashtag #FromRingToKing for sneak peeks throughout the day!

Venue: Rose Hill Mansion // Photography: JBmariePhotography // Videography: Story Bird Creative //  MUA: April Patio  //  Hair: Royal MakeUp And Hair  //  Florals: The Flower Shop Bluffton

And so for the first time…


XO Mrs. Tiffany Merridith King

P.S. I would like to give a shout out to The Brides Of Long Island for always being a resource, place of comfort and provider of laughs as I planned my southern wedding in the empire state! If you live on Long Island or getting married on Long Island… request to join the facebook group, follow the instagram. You will gain a sisterhood!