Guest Bride Blogger Tiffany

Journal Entry #3

My Bridal Tea Party

Hey y’all!

I am overwhelmed by the love I feel as I write today. I was so humbled by the incredible shower that my amazing Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids hosted for me a few weeks ago. Not only was I surrounded by the most important women in my life as I prepare to marry the man of my dreams, but we gathered the day before my 25th birthday!

As I’ve previously shared, I live on Long Island but I’m getting married in South Carolina which is where my grandparents live. What I haven’t stressed enough is how important my Grammy and Grampy are to me. My grandparents capture the hearts of everyone they meet and it’s not hard to see why once you spend just a few moments with them. I Facetime with my grandparents every single day. That being said, when they announced that they would be taking their annual trip to New York in April for my birthday, just two months before the wedding, {they typically come in August} I had a feeling that it may be based on the date of a shower.

On Saturday April 21st my Maid of Honor called me to say that she was in town for my shower… that afternoon! I just about cried all of my makeup off so I hung up the phone, ran home from work, dug out an outfit that I had been saving if such an occasion presented itself and got dolled up! My fiancé, who had been in touch with the bridesmaids and was already in on the plan, dropped me off with my Maid of Honor who was staying with her boyfriend’s parents while she was in town.

My Maid of Honor was responsible for keeping me busy while the rest of the bridesmaids arrived at the venue to welcome guests so we went to Port Jeff, a local coastal town for a drink… to calm HER nerves before orchestrating the festivities. We shared laughs about college memories, talked about wedding day plans and enjoyed our time together. Being that she lives in Delaware, our visits are numbered but it only makes our time together that much more valued.

At the appropriate time she said “Let’s go!” and led me hand in hand down the block into The Secret Garden Tea Room where my closest family and friends and my fiancé were waiting to welcome me to my shower!

My heart was so overwhelmed seeing all the faces present. A small intimate bunch of my friends, family and even my fiancé’s friends were gathered to celebrate and shower us as we prepared to get married in just 70 days time. I couldn’t hug everyone quick enough! And with that, James and my Grampy left for dinner and it was an evening for the girls!

I was seated at a table with my bridal party under a “Bride To Be” sign as our first course, broccoli cheddar soup was served and the waiter handed us the tea list. Inside the menu was a personalized paper that read “Showers of Happiness for Tiffany – April 21st, 2018.” We each received our own teapot filled with the tea of our choice… I selected, “Bridal Bouquet” as I felt it was festive!

My Maid of Honor then presented me with a beautiful picture frame photo prop that said “Tiffany’s Bridal Tea Party” along with the date and our hashtag #FromRingToKing which her boyfriend had made for me! We had so much fun using this to capture pictures throughout the party. We also played a few games that challenged guests to see how well they know James and me which was quite fun to hear the answers!  For the main course, three tier scone, finger sandwich, and dessert trays were placed on each table. This was followed by my cake made by Alpine Bakery in Smithtown which was designed to match the invitations for the party. Holy cow did my girls outdo themselves! My bridesmaid Jordan baked boozy cupcakes and put them in ‘Tiffany Blue’ boxes with a custom tag. The varieties included Strawberry Margarita and Pina Colada. They really thought of every single detail! This day was more than I could have ever dreamed of. Sharing stories and laughs with friends is such an important part of life, and because of these women, my life and heart are so full. I truly have the MOST #CoordinatedBridesmaids

After being engaged for 22 months, it only now has truly begun to hit me that our day is rapidly approaching. In just 70 days from my shower on April 21st I get to marry my sweet King and start life as husband and wife with the man I love with all my heart.  I hope y’all feel just as loved and celebrated on your own shower day!

That’s all for now!  Next time you’ll hear from me it will be June 30, 2018… OUR WEDDING DAY!

Xo Tiffany Merridith