Certified Coordinated Bride Theresa

Journal Entry #3

Résa’s Final Fling

Every year my friends and I try our best to go on at least one girl’s trip. So when it came down to deciding what we would do for my Bachelorette party, we all knew that it would have to involve bikinis, a passport stamp, and plenty of champagne.  And so the time came for my ladies and I to embark on my last girl’s trip as a single gal. I fell in love with the island of St. Martin last year when I took Zekeera there for her birthday so I wanted to share my love for this French Caribbean island with my friends. My girls flew in from San Diego, Atlanta, New Orleans, Virginia, Philly, and DC, to come help me thrown in my single lady towel.

We arrived in St. Martin and my Maid of Honor and bridesmaids put together a “Welcome to Your Bachelorette Trip/Birthday” party in our hotel suite. I was so overwhelmed with joy as I walked in to find my room beautifully decorated and all the goodies my Maid of Honor put together for all of us. We shared laughed, danced, took shots  and shared some of our fondest memories.

Bachelorette Yacht Party

Dressed in their all white bathing suits and captain hats, the ladies and I boarded a chartered private yacht to get the party started. About 40 minutes off the coast of St. Barths, the captain stopped and we were able to do some swimming and snorkeling. We then headed to Penil Island for a couple of hours of beach fun and more cocktails. We danced on the beach while drinking cocktails and having twerking competitions lol. We danced, laughed, drank champagne, and even made some new friends for the day with another group of ladies on their Bachelorette trip.

The Day After: Anguilla

The next day we decided to do a little island hoping and caught the ferry to the beautiful island of Anguilla. With hot sand under our feet and the ocean as our backdrop, we danced the day away while enjoying some local eats and vibes. Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches so we just had to have a photo shoot 😉

The Finale

On our last night on the island, the ladies made an arrangement for a private dinner on the beach at an exquisite Italian restaurant. We dined on the beach with our table lit by candles and the sound of the ocean as the soundtrack to our evening conversation.

After dinner we headed to a local club where we danced the night away, making lifetime memories with the people that make my heart smile.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many beautiful souls that love me and made my “Final Fling” one of the best girls trip ever.

Love my Bride Tribe!