Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry # 3
My Bachelorette Party

Hello Coordinated Brides,
As my wedding gets closer I am getting more and more anxious! My summer has been pretty hectic so far. I started a new job, in the process of buying our first home (we’re closing in a few weeks!), and getting down to the wire with planning for my September wedding. With all of that going on, a bachelorette party is exactly what I needed. My bridesmaids are between five different states so I was so glad to get them together since it was the first time that some of them would meet each other.

My sister/maid of honor rented a gorgeous AirBnb in Philadelphia on South Street (for those of you that are familiar with Philly). We started off the party with day drinking…because why not?! Right down the street from the AirBnb was an adult boutique called “Condom Kingdom” so they were determined to make me wear something that had a penis on it.

I opted for a pink sparkly headband and was embarrassed wearing it to Fat Tuesday and drinking my ‘High Octane’ slushie.

Later in the evening we went to dinner at Buddakan. BTW, their food is amazing… if you’re a foodie ever visit Philly you have to try it. After dinner we headed out for the night.

First was a super cute rooftop bar and we eventually ended the night at a club.

Thank you to my bride squad for sharing this amazing time with me, and i can’t wait to see you all down the aisle!

Until Next Time,