Certified Coordinated Bride Stephanie

Journal Entry #4

Cancun Now, Vows Later

Want to know how loved you are? Tell your friends you want to go to Cancun for your bachelorette party. When seven of your closest friends sacrifice time and money to celebrate you for four entire days, that’s love! Especially when the girls who attended live literally all over the country and I only see them once a blue moon or so.

I would suggest a resort in Cancun, Mexico for anyone’s bachelor or bachelorette parties. The nightlife is amazing and the access to unlimited food and drinks is even better. We kayaked. We drank. We tanned. We clubbed. We danced at a Mexican restaurant. We shopped. We met people. We went to the beach. We drank out of coconuts and met pirates. We made memories that’ll last a lifetime.
There was really no plan; meet in Cancun and let us go wherever the wind blows us. Of course, we had to document it all and coordinate while doing so. So, I packed welcome bags for the girls. “Bride tribe” tattoos, red swimsuits and “Cancun Now, Vows Later” tanks. It was the least I could do, again, for my bests making the international trip to celebrate my upcoming nuptials.
Since I’m just 11 days away, it was SO nice to remove myself from “real life” for four days and not even think about wedding details for a bit. Now, cheers to just under two more weeks of wedding planning!
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