Certified Coordinated Bride Sisi
Journal Entry # 3
My Amazing Bridal Shower & Beach Day

I should have known my girls would wow me in every thing they put together for my pre-wedding activities! Because I’m a makeup artist with a consistent wedding clientele, my pre-wedding events couldn’t totally be a surprise since I needed to know when they were happening ahead of time so I wouldn’t book a weekend wedding. But please believe, they still wowed me with every detail they paid attention to in bringing it all together!

My bridal shower was on a Saturday in July and all I knew were my instructions: wear white and be ready by noon! So I did just that. Boohoo.com has been my saving grace for finding almost all of my all white outfits, they have so many cute and extremely affordable options with fast shipping – talk about CLUTCH.  My bridal shower morning began with my sister having the champagne ready before we even got in the car – she knows me well. Her, my mother and my niece piled in to the car and she played my hype music while en route to get me in a great mood while I snapped selfies in the back seat cause I was feeling myself! Even though I created the guestlist for them to send invites to, it’s one thing to see a bunch of names in an Excel sheet versus when they actually fill the room and show up for you with gifts in tow – oh my gosh, it was love and a beautiful thing to feel.

“SURPRISE!” they yelled as I cut the corner and walked in to the private back room in Maggiano’s. First of all, I love that they had the Rihanna “Work” entrance music for me. Second of all, they had a step and repeat backdrop for pictures, the cutest and most luxurious candy table (thanks Jas!), the most delicious two tier makeup inspired funfetti cake from my favorite cake baker (thanks Ritzy Bakes!) and all of the cutest love and makeup inspired décor through out the room.  They showered me with so much love, GREAT advice and the most amazing gifts. I had just moved in to our townhouse with my fiancé so the bridal shower gifts couldn’t have came at a more perfect time! We laughed, played hilarious games where one required me to really think about how well my fiancé and I know each other and how well I could not drool all over myself like a fool when my mouth is stuffed with gumballs because I got so many answers wrong. Fun recommendation: all brides-to-be, have a study session with your fiancé before your bridal shower or else you will be exposed!  Also shout out to my new cousin (we family now girl) Nana Yaa for the most epic toilet paper tissue runway strut of all time! She showed up and dominated. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bridal shower and I felt so grateful to have incredible women in that room who are supporting me on this journey.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Weeks later, my girls and I brought the heat to the beach! Since we couldn’t pull off a truly beachy destination bachelorette weekend, they decided that we need to make the most out of Long Branch Beach on the Jersey shore. You can never complain when it’s you, your girls, matching bathing suits, drinks, snacks and good weather!!! We had a ball in the sand and shout out to my good friend Kofo for making our cute little tulle booty cover ups days before because she’s just that creative! Why are my friends so awesome?!?!?!

We topped off the pre-wedding activities a few weeks ago in D.C. for my bachelorette party. We pulled up to the hotel and of course they had my Rihanna entrance music ready to go once again!!! We got the Taboo game poppin (because I’m somewhat of a wizard at that game, no big deal) got the drinks poppin and of course the endless laughter popped off too! I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a club till it closed but we rolled up to The Park and shut it down till the wee hours of the morning. We showed up and showed out! You know you had too much fun when you wake up with a hoarse voice from the nonstop partying.

I thought the fun was over the next day and that we’d just grab some food along the way and head back but no, the bridesmaids had one more thing planned – BRUNCH! You can’t come to DC on the weekend and not have brunch. Gryphon was absolutely amazing and so was it’s DJ. The food was so good but I could hardly eat it because every time I had the fork to my mouth, the beat to my favorite old school song dropped. I mean who can really finish their mimosa, waffle and mac-n-cheese when they’re playing Puff Daddy and Total! Impossible. All in all, I had a blast. It was a time I will never forget. Although I’m marrying my life long partner, I’m nothing without those girls. They mean everything to me and I’m so so appreciative for all that they’ve done to celebrate me. I’m so blessed!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time,