Hi!!!!!!  My name is Sisi and my groom to be is Kofi.  We are getting married on Sunday, December 3, 2017 in New Jersey. On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, a love story 6 ½ years in the making gained a new and very important chapter: ENGAGED.  I thought I’d be a crying mess when the moment of him getting down on one knee finally happened but that wasn’t the case at all. I did the hardest “praise clap” of all time and said “yaaaaaaaasssss” before he even opened up the box. In the midst of processing real time how quickly my life would be changing, I remembered there’s something important he has for me, a ring! I was just so overjoyed that he proposed that for a split second, I forgot I get to wear a diamond on my finger that I get to keep forever! When I looked in to the cherry red wooden box, all I could say was “oh my gosh!” He did good -so damn good. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, in walks my sister and brother-in-law with long stem red roses followed by a large red velvet cake that had the words written in red icing “Sisi Nike, will you be my Queen?” It was then, that I lost it and the tears pooled in my eyes and quickly streamed down my cheek. So many memories over the 7 ½ years that we’d known each other ran through my spirit and flashed back to January 12, 2010 when he took me to that same exact soul food restaurant in New Brunswick and asked me to be his girlfriend with a red velvet cake decorated with that very same question. It truly was the icing on the cake.

But let’s rewind back to the year of 2009 when it all started at the School of Engineering at Rutgers University. I have his frat brother to thank for bringing us together (Thanks Lu!). His frat brother told me about Kofi and how he needs a queen by his side and that I should give him a shot. I was apprehensive at first for all the wrong stereotypical reasons: frat boy, basketball player, younger than me and very good looking. After a year of getting to know each other, I came to understand that age-old saying very quickly: the heart wants what the heart wants. I couldn’t resist what I felt for him after I found out he was so much more than what I imagined. Kofi and I connected on an intellectual, motivated and personal level. I quickly learned that Kofi was wise beyond his years and extremely perceptive about life and all that he wanted out of it. He wasn’t just a frat boy, he was a student leader on campus that students, faculty and deans greatly respected. When we started dating, we brought so many positive things out of each other that both of us likely never knew we possessed. We celebrated each other’s different cultures both as first generation born Americans from Nigerian and Ghanian parents. My weaknesses are his strengths and his weaknesses are my strengths. We compliment each other very well and bring a balance to each other’s lives. As two extremely creative people who love to write, we often wrote poetry together. But above all things, we grew in Christ together over the years and He strengthened us through the ups and downs to get to where we are today.

So while the journey was long and I was very much anticipating that he would propose sometime soon because we discussed this next step in our lives with each other and our families in great depth; he still managed to surprise me. The execution was absolutely perfect even though in his mind, he thought he blew the secret just before the proposal. He was scheduled to speak at his high school commencement ceremony as the keynote speaker. It was an extremely big moment for him, so him getting immaculately dressed in a double breasted navy blue suit, hiring a photographer and having his cousin record all these moments never for a moment seemed out of the norm for his speeches. So I made sure I was dressed up as well like I had when I supported him for all his past speeches. He invited my parents but I was unsure if my mom would be able to attend because of her busy work schedule. It wasn’t till the day of the speech that my mother said she was coming that I thought…hmmmm, maybe, today? Both of our friends came out to support him and after the graduation ceremony was over, they all joined the football field to congratulate him – I thought to myself, ok, it might go down. Then, my father and mother said to everyone that they were happy they came and that they were heading home. My heart sank, I thought, ok nevermind, not today. Then Kofi said abruptly, “oh wait, don’t go just yet, let’s all get together for a picture!” My heart stopped again and I thought, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, maybe? No. It didn’t happen then either. My parents knew very well what was going to happen next but they decided to let us have our night together in fear that it’d be too obvious to me that he would propose. So we took our group photo and our parents said goodbye and he decided “last minute” that he wanted to go to Delta’s in New Brunswick for drinks since it was Tini Tuesday and we wanted to hang out with everyone that supported him. I brushed the proposal thoughts completely out of my mind, told myself, not today, put on a smile and just wanted to have fun for the rest of the night because I was so proud of him. I told myself, another day, and kept it moving. We got situated at the restaurant at our table and the live band that played every Tuesday was getting started when they asked, “Are there any poets in the house tonight?” I got so excited and tapped his shoulder and said, “Oh my gosh, you should go up there and do a poem real quick, off the top!” He acted bashful and said, “Nah, nah, I’m good for the night.” I said, “Oh my gosh, just go up there, it’ll be fun!” He agreed and walked up to the mic. I had no idea which poem he was going to recite but I was confident he would kill it –little did I know, he was confident too because it was all apart of the plan. He started to recite one of my favorite poems he’s ever written called, “A Love Story”. It’s a poem about us and our journey. I saw him perform it up there with the live band behind him, our friends cheering him on and me reciting along having no idea that he’d walk over to me towards the end of the poem, change the last few words to my surprise, reach in to his left suit pocket, get down on one knee and say, “Will-you-marry-me?”

It was a magical night and an incredible 7 ½ years in each others lives and we are so ready to create another amazing day to remember for our wedding!!!! The planning process has been so effortless thus far because I’m taking my time and crossing off one task at a time by prioritizing. We’re having a 2017 winter wedding, so we have plenty of time to get things in order. Booking our venue, photographer and videographer turned out to be a breeze and I’m so glad we locked this all down within 3 months of getting engaged! I can now get in to the details of wedding dress shopping and we can start planning an epic engagement shoot. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of the Coordinated Bride readers and I’ll be sure to give you all the amazing deets!

Stay tuned!!!