Certified Coordinated Bride Sheena

Journal Entry #4

We are each other’s First Line of Defense

Exactly one year ago Anthony got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. That one question changed so much in my life. This past year we’ve been extremely blessed! Since our engagement we’ve both received new jobs, we’ve bought our first home and experienced so many laughs together. With anything in life there have been ups and downs throughout this process. I’ve built relationships with unexpected friends (Bride Sisters) and I’ve been disappointed by people that I felt were in my corner. I know people say that after marriage it’s you and your spouse against the world. I beg to differ! Throughout this process I’ve leaned on several people to get me through certain points and laugh with me during the great days. I’ve learned that it will never be Anthony and I against the world. Instead we’re each other’s first line of defense. On his best days I’ll be the first to say how proud I am of him and how I knew all along he would conquer this task. I say I’ll be first because we’ll share our accomplishments with our circle to build them up and gain support. On his worst days I will be his first line of defense by triaging the situation and figuring out what steps to take next. I’m his first line of defense because during the rough patches we may require assistance from our circle to help get us through. BUT in ANY circumstance I will serve as his FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE! Nothing happens to him without it happening to me too.

We took a year out of our lives to plan a wedding and fully experience this chapter entitled “Engaged”, but today is the time for us to start a new chapter. The chapter entitled “Engaged” is mostly filled with happiness, rainbows and butterflies, but I’m ready to graduate from that and really experience the bond of marriage. I want to embrace the security and magic of knowing that you’ll never have to “do” life alone. I know it won’t always be easy, but I’m ready to earn my stripes as a wife. After the I Do’s are exchanged, all the cake is eaten, the drinks have been drunk, the pictures have been posted and the final dance is danced it’ll just be me, Anthony and an empty space waiting for something magical to be created between us. I often say “Love is a space created by two people”. Love is amazing but what I feel is something deeper and more intense than love. So as I take my final bow on the blog. I invite you to continue to follow our journey to discover and cultivate this bond that is too amazing to simply be called love.

This has been an amazing experience, and I hope to continue to connect with the readers in the future!

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Engagement Images below by Ivory Door Studio.

IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0160-1024x684 IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0016-1024x747 IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0043-1024x683 IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0061-1024x602 IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0082-1024x683 IvoryDoorStudio_Nashville_Cordelle_ANTHONY-SHEENA-0114-1024x684

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