Certified Coordinated Bride Sheena

Journal Entry #3

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

As my journey to the aisle starts to wind down, I’m extremely grateful for the love, support and patience my circle has shown me. You hear stories but I don’t think anything can prepare you for what unfolds during the wedding planning process. Throughout it all my mom has been absolutely amazing. Her love has reminded me of what Patrick Swayze’s character said in “Dirty Dancing…”Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” My mom lives in MN which is miles away from me in TN. Anthony and I recently purchased our first home and mom had been planning a visit to come help decorate. She finally booked a flight and I was anxious for her arrival. Little did I know her and Anthony had something up their sleeves. The Thursday night before my Bridal Shower I was out enjoying a musical tribute to 1996 (It was awesome!) with some friends. I get home and Anthony says come upstairs I have a surprise for you. I open the guestroom door and there was my mom. She flew into town to surprise me for my Bridal Shower.

The day of my Bridal Shower I walked into the venue and then into the space reserved for the shower, and I was pleasantly surprised. My friends did an amazing job putting the shower together. They even had the guests bring a side gift which consisted of Goodwill gift cards for me, “The Thrift Store Queen”. The food, games, laughter and gifts were incredible, but what stuck out the most was the speech my mom made. She talked about her growth as parent from having me in her earlier 20s, and the significance as to why she always says she’s proud FOR me and not OF me. She stated that she’s ALWAYS been proud of me from the moment I was born and that will never change. She’s proud FOR me because of the things that I’ve accomplished, the things I’ve experienced, my relationship with Anthony, my strength and anything else she will witness me tackle in the future. Once again it was like my mom was telling the world, “Nobody puts (my) Baby in the corner.”

Two weeks after my Bridal Shower it was time to hop on a plane and head to New Orleans to have a ball with my girls to celebrate my Bachelorette Trip.  The food, the drinks, the culture and the energy of NOLA was everything I expected and more. But once again all of that played second fiddle to my mom’s love for me. Friday night my MOH informed me that we had reservations at Emerald’s Delmonico. We arrived at dinner and there was a card waiting for me at our table that said, “I’m always proud of you. I Love You, Mommy.” After we enjoyed drinks, dinner and desserts the waiter comes over and says, “ladies your bill has already been covered.” Once again it was like my mom was telling the world, “Nobody  puts (my) Baby in the corner!”

I know this blog post was supposed to be centered around how amazing my Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Trip were, but the most amazing thing is having a mother that always shows you love and isn’t afraid to tell the world, “Nobody puts (my) Baby in the corner!” The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00171 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00179 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00178 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00093 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00110 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00141DSC00128The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00134 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00164 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_36351 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00134IMG_36191The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_65841 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena DSC00160Snapchat-6592306773406613769-1The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_20160305_083759 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_95611 IMG_95891The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_95361The Coordinated Bride - Sheena Screenshot_2016-03-04-11-03-18-1The Coordinated Bride - Sheena Snapchat-68025472048031647031 The Coordinated Bride - Sheena IMG_14421