Certified Coordinated Bride Sejal

Journal Entry #4

The Time Has Come…..

Oh me oh my!! It’s hard to believe that I am writing my FINAL blog entry. Oh what a journey this has been! Come and take a walk with me down memory lane as I give you a recap from January 9, 2015 until NOW!

Becoming Brownlee

Jermaine proposed to me on my 25th birthday in front of family and friends at my #SEJebration dinner. This was the moment that I had been waiting for FOREVER! It’s a day that I will never forget and I’ve added that to my list for one of the BEST days of my LIFE. We started planning right away and with that planning came some good and some bad.

The Coordinate Bride Sejal Final 1.1The Coordinate Bride Sejal Final 3

What I suggest to any couple planning their wedding is to plan and stick to a budget. Seriously, think about it, who benefits the most from the wedding day? If your answer was not the Bride and the Groom I hate to inform you that you are wrong. The Future Mr. and Mrs. Should benefit the most from their wedding day. Weddings aren’t a competition and your day should be the best in your eyes anyway! Your Marriage is more important than the wedding day and you should want to live happily and comfortable after that day is over. By no means am I saying to not plan the wedding of your dreams, but your dreams are just that, YOUR DREAMS, and they aren’t any one else’s. People have different styles, tastes, and things that they like so plan what you want and what makes you and your future most happy. This refers to your wedding rings, the engagement session, wedding party invitations, bridal showers, couple showers, bachelorette and bachelor weekends, wedding party gifts, etc. etc. etc. Speaking of engagement session, check out some of our favorite photos below. 🙂

The Coordinate Bride Sejal Final 4

The Coordinate Bride Sejal Final 5

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You should know that with wedding planning will come disagreements. We have had a few but it was nothing that couldn’t be worked out. Compromise, that’s the key. WARNING! Don’t get your hopes up thinking that everyone will be happy for you or will help you through the process. This could be a text or phone call, asking if you need anything, asking if you need any help, asking what else needs to be paid, do you have it or what’s the plan to get it? Some feel that there are certain individuals who should do this willingly but that’s more than likely not the case. Money, is one of the three marriage killers so don’t let it kill you during the planning or take that burden into your marriage. Do what you can, and give it your best and your all.

Things won’t always go as planned and there will be stumbling blocks that are thrown in your path. But keep God first and strive to jump over any and all hurdles together! You are on a journey to become ONE so it’s a must to work as a TEAM.

People will have opinions of you, some may be accurate but a lot of them won’t be true. Don’t let anyone get you down or deter you from your ultimate goal. What’s that goal? Being happy, enjoying your wedding day, and living a happily ever after! That’s what Jermaine and I are looking forward to the most!

What we have been doing and what we will continue doing is GROWING TOGETHER AND GLOWING TOGETHER!

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Signing off as Sejal D but screaming Heyyyyyy MRS. BROWNLEE!

Proposal photography by Photos by Kourt and Engagement Session Photos by GeorgeStreet Photography.