Certified Coordinated Bride Sejal

Journal Entry #3

One Happy Bride to Be

I prepared to fly back home to South Carolina the weekend of May 21st to see what the #SejGang had in store for my Bridal Shower! Emotions ran all over the place and I was very excited to see family and friends and to be honored holding the title of Soon to Be Mrs. Brownlee. On Saturday, May 21st the excitement took over. I had a day of preparation planned which included hair, make-up, and playing mind games with the #SejGang.

It is known that I can be a very jokey person and being that none of my Bridesmaids were actually checking in on me or had even asked to get up the day before I figured I would do some “meddling” of my own. It was time for some Payback *evil grin*

After makeup I started calling and text messaging them to see where they were, what they were doing, how the day had been going etc. I wasn’t surprised to get responses back like “mind your business Sejal” hence I thought the shower was my business *side eye (lol). So, jokey me decided to tell them that since no one wanted to talk to me I would just go sit at the venue location and wait until they pulled up to see what all was planned, what was being taken into the building, if I could see anything going on inside, and I would finally be able to see them. Now, to my surprise they believed me. That was the highlight of my day, it gave all of us laughs and killed some time. Now, I wouldn’t dare ruin any surprises, so I was not at the venue but was home waiting until close to start time of the shower to get dressed.

50 Shades of Purple

Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. Not only is purple my favorite color but it represents me and my ladies well. They went with a 50 Shades of Purple Bridal Shower theme and I loved it. Everything went well and was so lovely. I enjoyed being honored and showered with gifts. This was definitely a day that I would not forget.

The Coordinated Bride Sejal 1 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 4 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 5 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 6 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 7

Surprise! Surprise!

Evidently, the biggest surprise had not gotten there yet. Imagine sitting in your event being honored as the Bride-to-Be and seeing your fiancé walk through the door! Well that was my surprise! Jermaine boarded our fur babies (and scheduled them an ice cream treat like I would have done had I made the appointment-Go Mainey!!) and flew down to SC to SURPRISE me!! This was the best surprise ever seeing my Soon-to-Be-Husband greet me with hugs, kisses, and gifts! I cannot wait to take his last name! The Best Fiancé award goes to Mr. Brownlee.

The Coordinated Bride Sejal 8 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 9 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 10 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 11 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 12 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 13 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 14 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 15 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 16 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 17

Did Someone Say M.I.A.M.I

We came, we saw, we messed MIAMI up! The #SejGang definitely made sure that I enjoyed my Last Fling before the Ring!! There were great laughs, memories made, walks on the South Beach strip, 5 am bike rides, VIP access, skipping lines, party buses, several uber rides, walks on the beach, great food and even better drinks. It was indeed a LITUATION from Thursday through Sunday. We didn’t get much sleep but who needs that anyway! I have to thank my ladies for all that they have done for me on this journey. I appreciate them so much and cannot wait to have them stand next to me when I say I DO! I seriously can’t thank these ladies enough because I know it’s not always easy working together and planning things but they made it work and for that I am forever grateful. #SejGang you are APPRECIATED!!!

The Coordinated Bride Sejal 19 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 20 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 21 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 22 The Coordinated Bride Sejal 18

All bridal shower images by Mario Preezy of Undying Xpressionz, LLC.