Certified Coordinated Bride Satorie

Journal Entry #2

I Found My Man, But I Still Need My Girls!

Bridesmaid: a woman who is like a sister, a friend in every way, a special person who is asked to share in a bride’s special day. ~ Unknown

Choosing my bridesmaids was super easy! A year before the actual proposal happened, Dae and I would randomly discuss “our wedding”.   So I knew who these special ladies would be long ago. There were a few conditions that I mentally noted when selecting this group of ladies. Of course there was the typical “how long have we known each other” question, but I also wanted to ensure that these ladies would be there for me – not just on the day – but the months and weeks leading up to the BIG day.  Cohesiveness was another factor when deciding who would be a bridesmaid.  I did not want to deal with “girl drama” while planning the wedding.  These women are not just my “friends” they are seriously more like the sisters I never had.

I first started with my Maid of Honor.  The title of MOH is pretty much a bride’s best friend. Someone who the bride can bounce ideas off and someone whose opinion the bride values.   Deciding on who would be my MOH was a little difficult.  Gina & Sherkyta (Kyta)  have been my girls FOREVER.  Both ladies were in attendance at Damien’s birthday brunch.  Gina was actually the first person that I told about the engagement and if I could have 2 MOHs, I would.  

So, without further ado; I cordially invite you to get to know my ladies!

Gina ~ I can’t say “I do” without you!

Gina and I have been friends for well over 15 years. Although we first met in high school, we became closer and pretty much tied together at the hip during our time in University.   If there was a party happening, we were attending together. Wherever you saw Gina, you saw Satorie (much like my relationship!) Gina is my go-to person for EVERYTHING! Relationship drama, gossip, accessories for a night out….LITERALLY ANY AND EVERYTHING! So it was a given that Gina would be my right hand woman on the biggest and most special day of my life!


Sherkyta ~ He’s marrying me, but he’s stuck with us!

I first met Kyta during middle school, back when life was much easier. Our friendship grew closer during our last year of high school when Kyta would ride her bike to my house, watch me take forever to flat press my hair EVERY morning and then we would make the journey together off to school.   (Here in Bermuda, we get a “scooter” on our 16th birthday as opposed to a car).   At this point, the trio of Satori, Gina and Kyta was born!   Now many years later, between going off to college, getting our first jobs, and having children we managed to maintain our friendship.


Picture Collage

Kalley ~ I found my mister, now I need my sister (in-law)!

Kalley is Damien’s sister. Although Dae and I met in 2004, I did not meet his sister until 2005. I guess he had to make sure I was “THEE” one (smile). The bond between Kalley and I strengthened while I was studying in University and became pregnant in my graduating year. Before revealing my pregnancy to my mom, Kalley offered different scenarios and the best possible outcome (weeks before approaching my mom – sorry mom!). Kalley was also the one to give my son, Damori, his middle name ~ Jaion (a play on Dae’s middle name of Jai).

Photo Jul 21, 9 07 31 PM

Tenille ~ Now act surprised like you had no idea this was happening!

I knew of Tenille back in high school, but I didn’t officially meet her until Damien moved in with Tenille their last year in College. Over the years, our friendship has grown so much that Damien admits he is jealous of our friendship and that I am always “stealing” his friends (his words, not mine). Tenille is a Photoshop genius and is often our go-to person for items like birthday invitations, posters, etc. So much so, Damien even used her expertise to craft my engagement cards! Sneaky Sneaky!


Shana ~ No puffy sleeves, ugly ruffles or big bows!

Just like Tenille, Shana is a friend of Damien’s who I’ve apparently “stolen” from him. Shana and I met in the summer of 2008. Shana’s loving and kind spirit is what drew me closer to her. They say laughter is good for the soul, which is true because I swear that’s all we ever do is laugh whenever we are together.


Not a little girl anymore; but not yet a woman! My two Junior Bridesmaids are my 14 year old niece Kityra and Damien’s 12 year old niece Nyirah

Kityra (Ty) ~ I can’t tie the knot without you by my side!

Ty is my eldest niece and at 14 years of age, she towers over me, but that’s ok – I’m still aunty! LOL! The toughest thing that I am learning is that Ty is no longer my little baby niece. She is growing into a very beautiful young woman. Which reminds me of a time she was at my mom’s house practicing to walk in 4inch heels for my wedding! Funny to say the least!


Nyirah (Ny) ~ Too late to run, ‘cuz here she comes…!

Nyirah is the youngest of Kalley’s three children (yes, Kalley had 3 kids, in 3 years – AMAZING RIGHT!?!) I first met Ny as this shy, pacifier sucking, 18-month old who would never leave her mom’s side. I’ve also had the pleasure of watching Nyirah shed her shy persona, layer by layer, while becoming a vibrant young adult.


So there you have it!  These are the lovely ladies that will stand by my side as I marry Damien on November 10th.  With only one 104 days left on my countdown until I become a Mrs., there is still so much to check off on my list of bridal things to do! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it…..in my next post!

Until next time…. #SatDaeSayIDo”