Certified Coordinated Bride Renita

Journal Entry #4

Moment of Reflection

Hi my Lovlies!

I can’t believe my 17 month journey from going to Ms. To Mrs. has come to an end. Everyone said it would fly by and it truly has. I seriously can’t wait to marry my snooka and live happily ever after. He has been my rock in all this; helping whenever I asked, letting me be extra when I needed and making this whole thing happen.

As my journey comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on my life and where I came from. I know so many are shocked that I’m even living this moment and if I’m being completely real with y’all, I’m shocked a little myself.   For 5 years, I was just another statistic. A single mom working hard to provide for her baby. I became a single mom when my son was just 9 months old so taking care of him was all I knew. And you know what, I loved it! I loved and love being his mommy and I did everything to ensure his life was great.

Renita The Coordinated Bride JE4 IMG_6703

Dating was always last on my priority list until I was ready. Until my heart was ready. I knew how important it was to heal my heart. That wasn’t a job for my son to do and definitely wasn’t the job for my man to do.

I was very selective of who I brought around my son and my very soon to be husband was only the 2nd man I ever introduced to him. Although I love my Mr. McNeil with everything in me, my son had to love him as well. Thank God he adores him.

I say all this in hopes to encourage all my single mommas. I know how it is to desire to get married and I know how it is to desire a family for your child. It’s so important to first love yourself, forgive yourself and love your child with every ounce of your being. Once you do that and you allow yourself to heal, the love you’ll experience will be so worth anything you’ve been through.

Renita The Coordinated Bride JE4 IMG_6704

I’m now sitting here on the day I will gain a husband that I get to journey through life with him forever. I get two bonus babes that I get to help raise and my son gets the father and siblings he’s always wanted.

Renita The Coordinated Bride JE4 IMG_6186

Being a frugally fierce DIY bride has been one of the most time consuming, stressful experiences of my life but what I’m gaining today in my new family of 5, has made it all worth it. I’ve been given a second chance at love and I do not take any of this for 

Renita The Coordinated Bride JE4 IMG_6701

Renita The Coordinated Bride JE4 IMG_6702

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me. It has been one of my favorite parts of my bride experience.

And to think, the best is yet to come.

Now I will marry McNeil! Eeek!!

I’m so excited <3