Certified Coordinated Bride Renita

Journal Entry #3

Bridal and Bash

Bridal Shower

Something about having a bridal shower makes everything feel real! I woke up the morning of my shower with a million things on my to-do list.  I have a problem with cramming a lot into my day and thinking I can be at 10 different places at once.  My son had his football game, I had a hair appointment, we had a birthday party to attend and I was contemplating going to get my makeup done.  I was so glad to have a bridal shower later in the day but even still, I wasn’t able to accomplish everything on my list.  I had no idea how my shower was going to be.  I know I pinned lots of things that hinted at a tea party theme as well a mimosa brunch.  I had gotten a few hints from my MOHs and my mom hence why I came dressed fit for a tea party.  The venue was at the cutest Grand tea room.  Being from Escondido, I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been.  It was perfect! The decor, the tea, the food, they had cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off.  If you know me, you know my love for Brown Sugar and my desire to have a bougie bridal shower just like that lol.  The games were so cute and clever and it was such an intimate space with all the people that were meant to be there.  They showered me with so much love that literally made me cry.  My MOHs went above and beyond making this day so very special for me.  The details, the time and the money (the place was pretty pricey) just made me feel so loved and reminded me that I couldn’t have picked better MOHs.

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My memorial weekend Bach:

My Bach was in vegas and as you can imagine, these few pictures are all that I can show lol.  I had the best weekend ever.  Wedding planning can be stressful so to get a weekend where there’s just constant fun with your favorite girls, is soooo needed! We arrived in Vegas Friday afternoon where we were met by my bridesmaid who flew in from DC.  My Moh Tabitha, planned everything and she did such an amazing job.  We were just missing my bridesmaid Nyesha but my good friend and old college roomie came and became an honorary bridesmaid for the weekend. We started with a pole dancing class where we were lucky enough to be the only ones in that class.  I learned a lot of great moves for when I need to spice up my marriage or to get baby McNeil in the works (aye!!).  Friday evening, we went to a “dance” club? I’m not sure what you call a male strip club but just think Magic Mike.  It was so silly and so much fun.  Saturday was the pool party where Trey Songz Mcd at.  The heat wouldn’t let us be great and we didn’t make it long enough to see him but I was able to look adorb in my booty veil.  We also got to do some shopping and walk the strip in our adorable “He Popped the Question” “We’re poppin Bottles” tees.  After another night of dancing and turning up a little too much, we spent our last day zip lining followed by a slumber party where we ate nachos and watched The perfect match.  There were so many details from the photobooth, to all the ratchet penis props to the temporary tattoos.  Oh and the icing on the cake? My groom was there as well with his boys so I got to see him here and there.  It was the perfect weekend and I’m so grateful for my girls who came and celebrated my last fling before the ring!

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The countdown is on!!

XO, Renita