Certified Coordinated Bride Renita

Journal Entry #2

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I am probably the most indecisive person ever. It’s the Libra in me I guess, but picking my bridesmaids was probably the easiest decision I have made throughout this entire wedding planning process.  For me, it wasn’t about who was family, although I consider these girls to be, it wasn’t about who I’ve known the longest, although I’ve known all of them for years; it was about who has supported me through out my life and throughout my relationship with Jermaine.  The moment I got engaged, I sent these girls the first pic. Before my tears of excitement were dried and before my nails were polished.  I knew these ladies would be genuinely happy for me and they were.  I was engaged on February 13th, and I was ready to pick my girls by February 24th.
I had seen on IG and Pinterest all these creative ways to ask.  I loved the idea of having a brunch and bringing them all together but 3 of my 6 were all the way on the other side of the country.  I also loved the idea of having proposal boxes but the frugal in me just couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a novelty item.  This brought about my first DIY project wedding edition.  I wanted to be able to customize them and I wanted to add a bridesmaid survival kit that would be cheeky but be exactly what each girl would probably need during this process.  Since I was sending 3 in the mail, I decided to place them all in a similar white box.
There were letters made for my bridesmaids, maid of honor and matron of honor.  Each expressing how much I cared for them and how much I needed them.  Once they said yes, they were instructed to open up the “survival kit” which consisted of pain pills for the headaches I may cause, a purple loofa and soothing bath salt to help them relax after the stressful days, a bottle of liquor because I figured they may need a shot after dealing with my extra self lol, and a color touch up pen for any grey hairs I may cause them to get.

After this project I had to do more. I made little suit invites for Jermiane’s guys. So cute if I do say so myself.

The Coordinated Bride - Renita image4[1] The Coordinated Bride - Renita image13 The Coordinated Bride - Renita image2

Let me introduce my lovelies:

Tabitha who is my maid of honor who I also call my favorite friend. She has been my rock through this. If you ever wonder what a perfect MOH should be, Tabitha definitely knows because she’s been just that!

Jamie who is my Matron of Honor and is also my longest friend. We have been bffs since 2nd grade and I love that we have shared so many memories and journeys together.

The Coordinated Bride - Renita image4Rashell who is my funniest friend and the most supportive ever! She lives all the way in DC but has been here to go bridesmaid dress shopping and sends me goodies in the mail.

The Coordinated Bride - Renita image6

Patrice is my cousin friend. My first cousin and predicted Jermaine and I would get married probably after a year of us dating. We made a pack to be in each other’s weddings and I’m so thankful she’s flying out to be a part of it.

Cassandra is my sister in law who has grown to be my friend. She helps when she can and I’m so thankful she is going to be a part of this special day!.

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Nyesha is my sweetest friend and even though she lives in Atlanta, she has been there for me every step of the way.

I also made invitations asking our children to be apart of our day since it’s not just about Jermiane and me but about the 5 of us becoming a family.

Lastly, I made boxes to ask my flower girl and ring security. I filled it with little bribes clears throat I mean goodies to ask them and show them how special it would be for them to be apart of our day.

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I’m so incredibly thankful everyone we asked said yes! This is just our bridal party but I also want to thank everyone who will be helping with ushering, singing, reading helping out that day. You are so appreciated!

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Talk to you soon!

XO, Renita <3