Certified Coordinated Bride Rebeca
Journal Entry #2
Bachelor/ette & My Lingerie Shower

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless”

Looking at pictures from this weekend, I can’t help but think how they tell more than what I could say.

From the beginning, Art and I knew we wanted to do something together for our bachelor/ette, something simple but fun. My Maid of Honor and Art’s Best Man knew about this and of course they got together to discuss the plans and details of what could be a super fun activity for all of us to do together. When they told us that we were spending the day paint balling, we loved the idea.

We started the day by grabbing a bite at a Mexican restaurant, we then headed to the paint balling range. We spent most of our day there. As soon as we put on our gear, we were ready to slay.. I was ready to kick some butt, and of course I did lol.  This bride to be was not afraid to get hurt, sweat like crazy, chip a nail, crawl and lay on the dirt and even bleed to get the job done.. Yes, I took it very seriously 😛 haha

By the end of this activity, both Art and I realized that this was exactly what we needed to unwind and relieve some stress that comes with wedding planning. I definitely felt like I left some of that stress there and started getting that feeling of excitement that every bride is supposed to feel as her wedding day is getting closer!  So one advice for the couple feeling stressed about wedding planning, I suggest you give this a try :D.

After we drained all of our energy, we headed to this corner store deli, where the best burgers in San Antonio, Tx are made right in front of us. Imagine my surprise when Art and I get there, we both were looking at each other wondering why the guys gave us the address to a corner store LOL we go inside, and there is a big grill, A few tables set up and the smell of delicious food in the air, I was so surprised by this.  It was really the best burger I have ever tried.  So simple yet so good!
We ended this awesome day with games, a photo session and of course a few shots and drinks. This day was just another day of hanging out with the guys, and that was exactly what we wanted, simple yet amazingly fun!

My Lingerie Shower

It was no surprise that my Maid of Honor was planning a bridal shower for me, but I was not involved in any of the planning. All I knew was that it was going to take place in her apartment.  I feel so lucky to have the most amazing Maid of Honor, who happens to be my sister and a best friend.  It’s so amazing how she planned my shower all by herself and of course my mom helped to make it happen.

I can’t stress enough how perfect this day was. Walking in, the first thing I noticed were those beautiful paper flowers on the wall! Arranged in beautiful colors, so coordinated to match my wedding colors of blush, gold and burgundy.  A table set up of blush, flowers, favors filled of chocolates and beauty supplies, a pretty bride to be sash, all made by my sister. I even got to wear the most beautiful veil made by my mom. To match the lingerie theme, our friend made the most delicious lingerie shaped cake.

Of course the food and drinks were not missing in this shower party. Both my sister and mom put together the perfect menu, from the most delicious chicken gliders I have ever tasted to chicken bacon wraps to one of our Venezuelan appetizers. For drinks, we had this Hawaiian mimosa that I had been talking about for days Lol coconut and pineapple, my favorite combination! My sister and my mom went above and beyond to make this day so special for me.
This night was completely perfect, filled with beauty all around, delicious food, tasty drinks, fun bridal shower games and great company.

Now that this awesome weekend is over, all my attention is completely on the biggest day of my life. With only two and a half weeks left, I can’t believe how fast time has passed and I’am one step closer to the altar!