Certified Coordinated Bride Naimah
Journal Entry # 3
“Off to the Altar” A Bridal Shower to Remember

Leading up to my bridal shower, I had so many feelings. I was nervous, excited, and so anxious to celebrate this next stage in my life. For over a month, I looked for the perfect white dress and shoes that would serve as a traditional symbol of my wedding dress for my special day. The day of the bridal shower, I envisioned full sunlight and warm weather but I woke up to a cloudy sky and raindrops. Not a drizzle but a huge rain storm took place and it poured down the entire day. I thought to myself, “No one is going to show up to an event in this rain,” and wallowed in my short ten minutes of sorrow. Then, I remembered the words of my grandmother and mother, “Rain on special days bring good luck.” They were so right as I stepped into the doors of my “Talk Derby To Me” bridal shower.

When I walked in, so many emotions took place. I looked around the room to see a ton of my family, friends, church family, co-workers, you name it waiting to send me “Off to the Alter” at my derby themed bridal shower. All were dressed in these cute derby dresses and beautiful hats that one would wear to a day at the races. Three snaps for my bridal party and their creative minds and spirits! Everything was so freaking cute and ugh….reliving that moment. My mother stood in the front waiting to place a beautiful tiara veil on my head and my bridal party had a look of excitement on their faces. Let’s not forget about the fancy personalized photobooth designed specifically for the event with an Instagram photo frame. I immediately felt that LUCK and love shared around the room. In the midst of the storm, family and friends poured into the event, like raindrops and showered me with love.

All Bets On! Listen, my bridal party made sure everyone was entertained and I loved it. They planned the best games fit for the event. One game allowed two participants to get
dressed as a bride and race down the room. That was too hilarious. Then another one told a story about Anthony and I special day and leading to the wedding. Ugh that was amazing lol. And then, the all time favorite, “Design the Brides Wedding Dress.” The toilet paper was flowing to compete and design the best bridal gown. The ladies modeled their designs and the audience voted for the best dress. I have some fashionable friends because those tissue paper gowns were fabulous. Last but not least, a video was recorded by Anthony (the fiancé). That was the icing on the cake to experience my babe as a part of the bridal shower, From the games, we moved onto the bridal shower gifts. The cards, messages, and gifts were all so thoughtful and loving. Of course, I received plenty of lets just say “nice things, pretty things” to love over Anthony lol. One of the gifts took the cake though. My college girlfriends made a “Wife Basket.” This basket had so many items to survive as a newlywed. In the basket,  the ladies included many items with a message for each one. Here are a few that I can remember: A grapefruit (Hmmm..Google It), a Devotion Book for Prayer in the Marriage, and so much more.

Everyone enjoyed the special day and we laughed and I cried overwhelmed by everything taking place in my life. This special day set the tone for the next chapter in my life
and I’m looking forward to my bachelorette party next week. I’m not sure what my bridal party have up their sleeves but I’m looking forward to a good time and celebrating my last time being single with the ones I love. I’m so grateful one for my Sparks Sisters (three biological beautiful sisters). By any means necessary, they are determined and have been working diligently to give me the wedding journey to remember. Two, my close friends, they have made it a point to call and make sure I’m on point with taskings for the wedding. All are sharing their Labor Day weekend celebrating my journey to being a wife. Between the bridal shower and their holiday sacrifice, I’m forever grateful.