Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry #2
My Harley Angels

Hey readers! I’m back to tell you about my bride tribe called the “Harley Angels.” Before getting engaged I already knew who I wanted to stand by my side on one of the most important days of my life. The women who have stood there for me through everything during the past seven years of Justus and I’s relationship. All my bridesmaids and I go waaay back. I would say I met them all at least 10 plus years ago. One of them even longer, I’ve known her my entire life! Maid of Honor- My best friend, Keishay, she knows me well. I think she is the only person who may know me better than my fiancé. We talk every other day if not every day. Even though she’s married, I chose her to be my right hand on my special day. My Matron of Honor- My older sister, Tamara, has been married in the game for 10 years now! She has a busy life being a mom of three but there was no way my sister/mom wouldn’t be standing by me on my special day. My Bridesmaids, my gals Brittany, Sunita, and Tierra. I’ve known all three of them since I was in high school. I asked these ladies to be a part of my special day because they saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each one of them has played a significant role in my life. Whether it’s a phone call of advice, an emergency hair appointment, or a sage burning session, my bridesmaids are my friends. *cues The Carters – Friends*

                                                  Planning the Proposal

As I mentioned before, it didn’t take me long to choose who but it took forever to choose what to do. Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t do “traditional”. I’ve been around plenty of weddings to know how the bridesmaid’s proposal typically goes. I didn’t want to do the normal meet up and popping the question and I didn’t want my bridesmaids to know it was coming. I wanted to see raw emotions when I asked. My original idea was to have a proposal box delivered to their front door. After researching and getting balloon delivery quotes, this bride on a budget quickly changed her mind. My next idea was to ask Instagram. I have to say; I love my Instagram friends. They always give me good suggestions. So, I asked for bridesmaid’s proposal ideas to see if I liked anything other than my original plan. My home girl Astin from high school came through with the idea of incorporating my proposal with a holiday. She mentioned she was in a wedding and the bride asked around Valentine’s Day. Instead of “Will you be my valentine?” she asked her friend to be her bridesmaids (cute, right?).

It was the summer of 2018 when we had that conversation and the next holiday was Halloween. I did a quick search on pinterest and boom I had my idea.

The Proposal

Two days before Halloween I placed black boxes outside of each of my bridesmaid’s house.Well, all of them except one because she decided to be outside cleaning her car (*sucks teeth*). So I just dropped off the box and drove off. Piece of advice, if the news is reporting suspicious packages in your area, this may not be a good idea for you. All my girls were skeptical about the black box, some even said they weren’t going to open it. But luckily, they all did. In the box was a Ouija board asking the girls if they would be my “main witch”. I also gave them a bath bomb in the shape of the Ouija dial, a shea moisture face mask, lit votive candles, and a Halloween pumpkin. My Maid of Honor got a journal in her box, because she has work to do! The surprise went great! They all called, texted, and posted to their social media the packagesfrom me and of course replied yes.

Xoxo Michelle