Certified Coordinated Bride
I Said Yes to the Dress

I Said Yes to the Dress…Twice! It’s bad enough I can’t decide on a nail color in the salon, so having to say yes to a wedding dress was the most nerve wrecking decision I’ve made during the wedding planning process. I will say though, I did learn alone and it was fun. From my experience, I came up with three tips for finding the perfect dress effectively.

Tip #1 Set Your Budget: Everything in the wedding planning process has a budget and your dress should too (especially if your paying for it yourself). When setting your budget you want to leave room for additional cost, such as alterations, accessories, taxes, etc. When you go into stores, associates will always show you an over budget dress that your going to love. Sometimes I would go in the store and tell them an amount lower than my budget to keep them from going over. Realistically, I didn’t want to spend over $2,000 in total so my in store budget was $1500. I would even say $1250 when shopping to keep the associates in my budget. However Tip #2 should help you stay in budget.

Tip #2 Do Your Research: Two months after having my daughter I was ready to get into the bridal salons and try on dresses. Looking back, I wish I would have done my research first. I saw a really cute dress at the first salon we visited for about $1,100 and was ready to say yes. Luckily, I stopped to ask myself was it the price or the dress I liked (not even loved). I remember going to another bridal salon and feeling like I wasted my time after. I began to get frustrated because I felt like I was losing out on time to have a dress ready by my August date. So I went back home and finally did research. I searched high and low on Pinterest and through Instagram hashtags for designers, specific styles and fabrics that caught my eye. Once I found a few dresses, I researched where the designer sold dresses near me, then called the store. Some stores gave me price ranges over the phone, that’s when I knew if the dress was somewhat in my budget. I do believe if I would have done this in the beginning I could have prevented the “feelings” I had during my first few visits.

Tip #3 Try on Twice: I think this last tip helps you make sure you get what you want for sure (well to me at least). My last store trip, my tribe and I had two stores scheduled in the same day. At the first store, I tried on one dress, loved it, but it was out of budget (I told you in Tip #1 they will try to get you). I even considered going for it but I remembered from the last wedding I was in, my best friend (the bride then) said “don’t go over a budget for your dress.” So I didn’t and we headed over to the second store. I knew one of my dresses I researched was at the second store, so I tried it on pranced around in it and left it as a contender. But then we found the dress from store #1, $300 cheaper, putting it in my budget. So what did I do, said yes to the dress. But as I walked back to the dressing room, and before swiping my card to purchase I kept thinking about the one I researched. I asked the associate to try it one more time. In the mirror I kept saying to myself, “this is it Michelle this is you. ” My sister asked again if it was the dress, I replied “THIS is the dress”.

Of course there are other items to take into consideration, like who you bring with you. You should definitely have supportive people around you. People who have similar tastes as you, so dresses they pick out will add to your choices. I had people in my tribe who helped in different ways, some actually looked for dressed for me while some gave my honest opinion preventing me on just buying anything Ladies, I hope my tips can help you find your perfect dress. I can’t wait to wear mine!!!

Xoxo Michelle