“This is going to be the happiest time of your life”, is what everyone tells you once they know you’ll be planning your wedding; and it is. It truly is. I want this blog entry to ring of positivity but I wouldn’t be staying true to my story if I wasn’t honest. Shortly after getting engaged I found myself in a war of words with more than one person over wedding details— a wedding I hadn’t even begun planning yet! Who’s in the wedding? Who’s not? Why are you looking to have it there? Can you afford to do this? Etc. Aside from the personal discoveries that came out of this I was also let down by potential vendors. A DJ cancelled our meeting 30 minutes before it was supposed to start, a photographer moved my appointment without speaking to me and a makeup artist took my deposit and disappeared. I was truly tested. The silver lining was the out-pour of love and support that came through in spite of all the bad. There are a few key people who REALLY showed up for me. They offered a listening ear, support, encouraging words, ideas, suggestions, help and so much more. I’ve been able to see who is in my corner and I know these relationships will stay strong far beyond wedding day.

To all the brides to be- my advice would be to force yourself to enjoy the process. Even with all the negative experiences that will come just remind yourself that it will provide for a good laugh in time. Lean on your future spouse when you are feeling frustrated. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called Stephen with the intro, “Babe, can you believe what so-and-so just said to me?” or “Babe I’m so sick of so-and-so” He would usually reply with something to make me laugh or he’d respond with just as much anger as I had to reassure me. He didn’t deal with NEARLY as much drama as I did so he couldn’t relate, but he was a great support for all of my mess. Another key piece of advice would be when you get that call asking if you need anything, take them up on it! There are so many details that go into weddings and it doesn’t make sense to do it all alone. This is indeed your moment and your day, but if you have an aunt who has watched you grow up your whole life who wants to help, let her! It’s a moment for her as well.

I am most looking forward to two moments. I cannot wait to see Stephen’s face when he sees me walking down the aisle. If the emotions don’t get to him at some point earlier in the day I’m sure it’ll all hit him then! The second moment I’m looking forward to is the point of the night when all of the logistics are over and I can just exhale and party. I’m looking forward to being surrounded by all of my family and friends and dancing and singing the night away. So much prep and planning has taken place and I’m looking forward to enjoying the night.