Certified Coordinated Bride Kim

Journal Entry #4

The Day All Plans Come Together

As the last couple days before the wedding are fly by, there are so many littles things to take care before the big day! I made a list of things that need to be taken care of last minute. Last week, we had to assemble our wedding favors for the reception. I am so thankful to have such sweet friends who came over to help us assemble all 300 of them.  I will have my mehendi night the Thursday night before the wedding at my house. All my girlfriends and girl cousins are all excited to get their hands designed in henna. They can’t wait to see how mine turns out because they all know how detailed I can be. I am so excited to see everything come together and to see all my family. The Friday night before the wedding I will also have my family come over and help my mom and I prepare for the Nikkah, the Muslim wedding.  We also have to assemble cake bags. The bags will have a piece of black cake and a few other sweets in it. My fiancé parents will be making the cake and my parents agreed to take care of everything else. It is only a few days away to the big day and I’m so thankful to have cousins that are willing to help Alfaz and I with anything we need. Our aunts, uncles, and cousins are all making sure all the food and beverages are transported to the Islamic school on time.

I am really nervous about the wedding day. I have never really had all this attention on me, so I’m nervous for the wedding day and the reception. I cannot wait to see how my wedding dress and my Indian outfit looks. Alfaz and I will be exchanging gifts on the wedding day. I really hope he loves his gift! It’s something he has wanted for a while now! I am anxious to see what he got me! I am really looking forward to everything!!! I am excited to see how everything will turn out.  We really want all our guest to enjoy themselves. We have family coming from far and near and they all are excited to party!! I am anxious to see Alfaz in his Indian outfit on the wedding because I’ve never seen him in anything like that! I can’t wait for him to see me in my dress. I hope he loves it!

Throughout this entire wedding process I had some bumps on the road. I lost some friends and I gained friends! Talking about friends! I told my girlfriends that I wanted a girl’s night before the big day, just to take my mind of the wedding stress and the wedding jitters. We had dinner at a restaurant nearby called Bungalow Bar in Queens. I had no idea they went out and bought me gifts! I was so surprised. After dinner we went a few lounges nearby and danced the night away. I had a great time. I was not expecting a beautiful tiara along with a custom veil! Along with mason jars for our drinks, that was adorable!

For my fellow Coordinated Brides: I would just say enjoy every minute of your planning process because when the time comes it’ll fly by! Don’t forget that it’s about you and your fiancé. Don’t wait till last minute to do things like I did. Being organized is the only thing that will help you not to go crazy.