Certified Coordinated Bride Kim

Journal Entry #2

Making Plans

A girl always dreams of her Wedding Day! What will my dress look like? How will I do my hair? Being an Indian Bride, I’ve always wanted a traditional wedding. I am so excited to begin shopping and planning a two day wedding celebration!! I want everything to be perfect, so I am trying my best to make sure it comes true. I will be having my Nikkah (the Muslim ceremony) on one day and the reception the following day! It was difficult to shop for the perfect Indian outfit because it was hard to choose one. I loved everything that I saw online and in stores. There were so many different styles and designs to picture myself in. I wanted them all! I had to narrow it down to a few selections because my wedding ceremony will take place in an Islamic School. With that being said my Indian outfit had to be conservative. The wedding location that we decided on was the only location my fiancé and I found that would hold all 300 of our guests.

Both of our families are huge! So we are trying to trim down the guest list as low as we can! When both of our extended families heard that we got engaged last year, everyone was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start helping with the planning. Alfaz and I both have family flying in from all parts of the world just to take part in our day. That’s something that I’ve always wanted as a young girl. I wanted my wedding to bring everyone together. Family means so much to me! I cannot wait to see everyone, some of my cousins and aunts will be coming to New York a few days before the wedding to help my parents prepare for the big day. My cousins have also been helpful throughout my planning process; even my male cousins have been helping me with choosing wedding songs and other small details to make sure everything looks so pretty!

Alfaz has been my backbone since the beginning! I’ve always wanted things to be perfect and look a certain way. But throughout this process, I was not able to have everything go smoothly. Alfaz told me that whatever I choose would look perfect! That soothed my heart knowing that I do not have to kill myself going crazy just to find something so it can look a certain way. He helped me so much, with picking the wedding favors and picking our honeymoon location. Every appointment I had, I had to make sure I wrote it down. That’s just the way that I function, if I do not write it down I would forget. I would have notes about the styles of wedding dresses that I liked and notes of different types of wedding cakes all over my room. One day Alfaz came over to my house with my favorite chocolates in hand and a wedding planner that I’ve been wanting for months. Every time we went to the mall I would go into Bloomingdales just to look at the Kate Spade “Love Is In The Air” planner. I had no idea that he even noticed how bad I wanted that specific planner. I was literally jumping up and down when I saw the planner. He told me I can put all my notes into the planner because it was a binder and it had a few pockets that would fit everything. It meant so much to me that he bought it for me, out of nowhere. To this day I carry that planner with me to every bridal/wedding appointment that I go to. Somethings were hard for me to decide on because I wanted everything. I know that may sound bad but I really couldn’t just choose one. B ut having Alfaz there holding my hand through every decision was calming, because I did not have to do it own my own.

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Since Alfaz and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day weekend of 2016 and decided to have a two day wedding ceremony celebration for August 2017 we had enough time to plan everything. We sent out the Save the Date Cards in January of this year. We also had a two day summer engagement shoot at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Chelsea Piers. Again we couldn’t pick one so why not do both? Every month I made a list of certain things to take care of because, I did not want to leave everything for last minute. I knew some things would take a while to be delivered and others and others wouldn’t. We recently sent out our invitations in April to everyone on our guest list, and are currently receiving RSVP cards. Everything is starting to fall into place. There’s only two more months left until the wedding and there are so many small things to get done! I can’t wait to see everything come together!!The_Coordinated_Bride_Kim_Ramatalli_Photo Jun 19, 11 34 57 AMTheCoordinatedBrideGuestBrideBloggerKim1.jpg