Certified Coordinated Bride Kim

Journal Entry #5

My Spectacular Two-Day Wedding

After 17 months of planning our two-day spectacular wedding, I’m finally Mrs. Ally to a wonderful husband who continues to treat me like a princess every day! My wedding was the best weekend in my life. I am forever grateful to see all my family come together and party for four days straight. Hearing everyone calling me a married woman is something I love hearing! Everyone is asking how is married life? Married life is great! Marrying Alfaz was the best decision I’ve ever made!

The night before the wedding (The Nikkah) I was excited but nervous as well, all my aunts and cousins were asking me are you ready for tomorrow? I was nervous to see how everything will come together. Being Muslim and having a traditional Muslim wedding, the night before, the bride and groom side prepares for the big day. We gathered all my family at my house to help fill goodie bags for our guest. I thought it would take hours to fill 300 bags. There was at least 30 of my aunts and cousins combined helping. I even spotted my dad helping. In the goodie bags were traditional sweets. I’m amazed and thankful for everyone who helped so much. I literally did not lift a finger any of those four days! I had to take a minute and process what was going on before me. Seeing my little cousins playing and laughing, everyone glaring at my henna stain, seeing my parents put in so much time and effort into my wedding weekend was all surreal. I was surrounded with so much love and excitement for my big day. I don’t think I was able to get much sleep that night.

The Big Day!

That Saturday morning, I woke up anxious more than ever.  I could not wait to see how handsome Alfaz would look, and finally be able to hold his hand after not seeing each other for over a week. All the planning and stressing is what the day is for! My mom was my rock, she helped me get dressed in my Indian wedding outfit and kept me sane. Upon arrival to the Nikkah venue, my mom wanted all ten of her siblings to see me off before we headed to the venue. My aunts cried when I walked out of the house, everyone was so happy. I asked my closest cousin to drive me to my wedding venue.  Waiting on my cue to enter was so nerve-racking. Alfaz had to enter the stage before me and was there waiting for my arrival. I was escorted in by my parents to hand me away to Alfaz. I remember my heart pounding knowing that I would have all eyes on me. Seeing Alfaz on the stage waiting for me along with the Iman (Muslim Priest) I couldn’t get to the stage fast enough! My dad grabbed my hand and said, “let’s go”. Our ceremony was so quick, we were married before you know it. Overlooking all our guest and seeing our families smiling and happy for us melted my heart. The following day was our Reception, finally being married I was so much calmer. On that Sunday morning I was eager to open the gift Alfaz had gotten me. I was delighted that he loved the watch I got him. I had hinted that I wanted a specific pair of earrings months before the wedding. Our reception was a night of dancing and laughter, families from both sides said they have not danced all night long at a wedding in years. I was just relieved that everything looked perfect. The food was amazing, all our guest had a blast in the photo booth and enjoyed our ice cream bar at the end of the night.

Advice for 2018 Brides

The most important rule you must follow throughout your wedding planning is to always make sure you always keep yourself happy with every decision you make. It’s not going to be the end of the world if you need to take a step back from the planning; everything will turn out perfect on your special day. Make sure you take the time to do your research on your vendors. I always read both old and new reviews. Lastly, be very selective with the people you choose for your wedding party, this is all about you and your fiancé. Some things may not always go your way, but try working around it, that’s what I had to do. Like my mom always told me “if it is meant for you then nothing will stand in your way”. If you’re detailed like me then every detail matters, from the flowers to your invitations and your cake. Make sure you and your fiancé are happy, it’s your big day! Enjoy it!


Vendor Collaboration
Reception Venue- Terrace on the Park // Dress & Detachable Skirt Designer – Sophia Tolli // Makeup: Beauty by Tamanna // Henna: Henna By Yukti