Certified Coordinated Bride Katrina

Journal Entry 4

Everybody Say, “Hey Mrs. Williams”

I still pinch myself.  Today I am marrying my best friend, my daughter’s father, love of my life, T.V binge partner, travel mate, my everything! I’ve dreamed of this day just as much as the next woman who was once a little girl fantasizing about who her prince charming would be. I knew I would one day marry Ricardo Williams the day I met him. Yes, fairytales can come true.

Planning my wedding was an absolute joy.  If not having control over anything else in life, as a bride this is your definite time to take charge and soar.  I personally love a challenge and planning a wedding is certainly a huge one. I knew this was something I had to and wanted to accomplish without outside help. With the help of the greatest mother ever (thank you mom), I successfully did all planning on my own. I read every magazine, book, blog, and wedding forum to gain as much knowledge on everything wedding possible. I not only wanted a successful and elegant, wedding to the stars but I also wanted an affordable wedding.  Who says you can’t have both?  There is life after the nuptials!  While faced with minor stresses here and there, wedding planning has taught me a lot – especially about myself. Once you successfully plan a wedding, you can conquer anything!

After being engaged for 20 months I am over flowing with the expectations of the big day. I am most looking forward to the reaction on my fiancé’s face when he sees me coming down the aisle.  I look forward to our daughter watching us join together in holy matrimony. I look forward to my grandparents witnessing this day finally come.  I look forward to gazing into my then husband’s eyes as we dance our first dance and I pray he doesn’t step on my feet!  I look forward to my father walking his first born down the aisle. I look forward to dancing the night away while in good company of great people.

I was given advice from many other brides who like myself, like to pass on helpful pointers. While I can write a never-ending list advising my fellow Coordinated Brides, I will stick to the major points lol.  Remember this precious time of wedding planning is all for your big day and by no means are you to let anyone take your joy away. Know there will be some planning hurdles along the way but they will come to pass. Take a break sometimes! If you stalk the dress you chose, you have made the right choice. Etsy and Pinterest will be your best friends. Make your bridal proposals fun and your bridal party expectations clear. Don’t let planning get too much in the way of your relationship. Secretly number your RSVP cards, somebody will forget how to or simply forget to fill it out! Choosing the perfect wedding shoes is very challenging. Don’t go beyond your financial means! There are always affordable alternatives. Try not to be a bridezilla! Prepare yourself for seating arrangement time. It can be a difficult task. Most importantly enjoy the time spent planning. These moments are filled with memories you’ll have for a lifetime!

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I’m headed down the aisle!

XOXO, Katrina