Certified Coordinated Bride Katrina

Journal Entry #3

My “Bad & Boujee” Weekend

As the bride, I have had complete control (of course) of decision making for everything involving the wedding. That control went out the window when it came to my Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party, also known as Trina’s Bad and Boujee Weekend! I was warned from months on in that I wouldn’t and couldn’t know anything particularly concerning these two events. You maybe can imagine, I was not happy not knowing what or where would be taking place. Needless to say, my BRIDE SQUAD gave me a weekend to remember forever!


My weekend kick started with a night out in Manhattan! I had no idea where I was going to and I could’ve never guessed that I would spend my night doing something I’ve secretly always wanted to do…KARAOKE!!! I truly lived out my Julia Roberts/ Cameron Diaz “My Best Friend’s Wedding” moment LOL. My BRIDE SQUAD rented a private room where we had unlimited access to any song of our choice, appetizers, and drinks. We sang our hearts out and I eventually did a Bruno Mars “Marry You” duet with another celebrating B2B!!!  I was even serenaded by one of my bridesmaids who sang her rendition of Celine Dion “Because You Loved Me”, what a night thus being named “THE BAD” of my Bad and Boujee weekend!!!

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As if my Bachelorette night out wasn’t enough, it only got better the day after. I had an awesome night out with my BRIDE SQUAD and on this day, I was preparing for a date with my fiancé. Rick had pre-warned me, he was going to take me out on a surprise date. I must say I was a bit suspicious but I went along with everything that was asked of me. On the way to the surprise, I was so nervous, curious, and anxious. I just couldn’t wait to see where we were going! We arrive at a restaurant named Piquant. In my mind, I’m thinking “this is the same restaurant that Rick proposed to me”. We walk in and he leads me down the stairs to the outdoor seating area and suddenly, everyone says……SURPRISE!!! I was in such a state of shock, I didn’t know what to say and couldn’t really move. I just stared, looking at a beautifully decorated table filled with beautiful people whom I love, dressed in my wedding colors, blush pink and white. I couldn’t believe they pulled off a surprise bridal shower brunch without me knowing. They even hired a photographer because they know I love to capture all moments. Being a bride is the most joyous and at times stressful. In the moment of celebrating my upcoming big day I took a moment to reflect and all the love and support hit me. I cried my eyes out from pure joy. I still pinch myself sometimes, knowing in just a few days I will be Mrs. Williams.

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