Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry #3
Vivaa Miami !

Hi everyone!  We are just one month away to our big day! Normally, when you think of all the events that lead up to the wedding the bachelor/ bachelorette party are usually right before the wedding.  In my case, it actually happened last year… Here is how and why!

So in my first post, I mentioned how my soon to be Mr. is the king of surprises. Well this time he truly pulled a big one.  The year I had my son Jonah, we hadn’t had a chance to travel anywhere like we normally do so he told me that he booked us a weekend get away to Miami.  We had been before but this time he kept hyping it up and I didn’t know why.  I just figured “man, he’s really excited to get some quality time together.”  So the morning of I’m getting everything ready, cleaned, had the baby’s things packed to stay at grandmas house but I notice that Jeremiah is moving really slow.  Now this is odd because he’s the early bird and always the 1stone up and ready.  Next, our doorman buzzed and told us there was a delivery.  I’m like “a delivery? At this time in the morning?”  Then someone knocks on the door.  So instead of getting the door he goes and sits on the couch and asks me to get the door.  I immediately told him no way, something is up, so you get the door.  He shook his head and smiled insisting that I get it, so I go to look out the peephole and I see colorful wigs!  I burst out laughing saying, “What is this!” Then the people in the hallway turn around so I can see their faces… It’s my bridesmaids!  Minus my MOH… They came in saying, “Get ready! Let’s go! This is your bachelorette trip!  I immediately burst into tears so overwhelmed with joy and confusion because I was still in “romance mode” and had to switch into “turn up mode!’ LOL They let me know that it was lots of planning and Jeremiah’s idea to send me to Miami for my bachelorette weekend and he took care of room and flights so all my girls had to take care of was the itinerary.

Once we arrived, we stayed in a beautiful condo in the Bal Harbour area right off the water and were greeted with champagne.  While checking in, out pops my MOH who is my little sister!  I burst into tears once again because I didn’t think she could make it with her living in another state.  By then, they let me know on more of our friends were coming as well from ATL.  So that made six of us in total for my “Girls Trip” edition bachelorette party.

The reason why this was planned a year before the wedding is because I had said how I probably wouldn’t do anything crazy for my bachelorette because we are having a destination wedding in Costa Rica and I know everyone is preparing for that.  So the year ahead of time was actually great breathing room for everyone to be able to make it… ISN’T HE JUST THE BEST! (Happy tear).

Our itinerary consisted of the day of arrival, to go club hopping and drinks in South Beach on a party bus to take us.  Next, an afternoon brunch for “Rose’ Saturdays” at Nikki Beach.  From there, we found ourselves walking to the strip and ending up for more drinks at Fat Tuesdays.  Then I had a surprise strip tease later that evening… The night was still young and it was our last night.  I like to enjoy my getaways to the last minute, so we decided to end the night on the strip and went to Mangoes, where they have great show and dancing.

I truly enjoyed myself and appreciate them all very much for making that happen for me.  Costa Rica is right around the corner and I can’t wait for all the exciting details!

Xoxo- Jillian