Certified Coordinated Bride Jamisha

Journal Entry #4

Marriage is more than a title, It’s a Lifestyle

I’ve heard a million times over, enjoy the moment, your big day will be here before you know it. I wish I could say that they lied, time actually does go by really fast with all the planning, paying attention to details that really won’t matter in the end, and the unfortunate upsets. As David and I ventured out on the wedding planning train ride, we had no idea what we were getting into, all we knew was that we wanted to be together forever and if all of the planning didn’t go the way we wanted we were willing to drop it all and go to the justice of peace, because after all becoming one was the most important goal of them all.  Becoming one is more important than any uplighting, venue, steak or lobster selection on a menu. We just wanted each other and if we were going to go through with it, we must do it right!


Allow me a minute to just give reverence to God, because without him none of this would be possible. Period. As I’ve stated before David and I started this journey blinded, not knowing what to expect. We had to set a foundation; stronger than what we already had. We needed this bond to be prepared for whatever evil tried to throw at us to knock us down. We needed to be rock solid. So with that being said we knew marital counseling would put us in the best position possible to weather any storm. I strongly suggest this to every couple. I sit back and laugh sometimes when I think about the beginning, when I first accepted to be David’s wife, I thought I knew everything about it because I’ve seen marriage work and what happens when some marriages didn’t work. I thought I knew it all. Let me just say I had NO CLUE what it was all about. It’s more than just a title, it’s a lifestyle.

Fully committed, fully devoted, fully aware, fully submitted. And had I known back then all of this would have scared me. But through wisdom I’m so happy I accepted this life. I can now say that today, I’m ready, ready to love, ready to share my life with the Man of my dreams. Now through all of the glitz, glamour, and wishing well there were a lot of disappointments. I can not stress enough the importance of not letting all of this get to you, as sometimes it will. I’ve had to learn to brush the small stuff off and keep moving. And as heart breaking as it is I’ve become a stronger me. I won’t sugar coat things when it comes to others being happy for you and your fiancé. In all actuality most won’t be! And it’s typically the ones that are the closest to you. I’ve learned that the best way to keep it positive and not block blessings is to LET GO!


Wedding planning is a very emotional time for Bride to be’s, because you want everyone to feel what and how you feel. This experience has been one of the most emotional ones yet. Would I do it all over? Absolutely! Had I not gone through it, I wouldn’t be who I am proud to be today. Strong-minded, strong In Love, and absolutely loving my life. To Thine own self be true!

If I had to give advice to any future brides, I’d say enjoy it, you won’t get these moments back. Live it to the fullest. Do all things with pride, be graceful in your walk and the way you handle everything! Bask in your sunlight you deserve everything that’s coming your way. Be sure to include your future hubby to be, this is a time where ALL relationships are tested, as with all Good comes test to prove how strong or weak you are. It’s ok to stand your ground! Remember Let Go so the blessings can continue to flow. My darling you got this down packed.

I’d like to say Thank you to Jules and the whole Coordinate Bride team for allowing me to share my journey with others that are in the same position as I am. You guys are amazing. I’m sure by the time this goes live I’ll be in my dressing room laughing, shedding a few happy tears, and preparing to slay in my wedding dress. I can truly whole-heartedly say that I’m ready.




Signing out with so much love and no better way than I know how…as a Coordinated Bride.

Xoxo… Now Mrs.Orr

Images by  Anthony Lad