Certified Coordinated Bride Shakita

Journal Entry #1

Birds of a Geathers Flock Together

Hey yall, I’m Shakita, aka the future Mrs. Geathers. In just a little over 4 months I will be marrying the love of my life, Sredrick Geathers, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While we currently reside in Charlotte, NC, we are both from South Carolina and wanted to have an intimate wedding in our home state with close family and friends. This day has been long in the making as we started dating back in 2004. We’ve been together so long that by South Carolina standards, we are basically “common law married”…LOL!  We met at work, but that’s pretty much the only thing we agree on.  Our versions of who wooed who and how we began dating varies depending on which one of us you ask, but I’ll have to tell you guys about that in another post.  He proposed in June 2015 during a trip we took to Hawaii to celebrate my niece’s college graduation.    I unknowingly almost sabotaged the proposal, but Sredrick was able to think quickly on his feet, come up with a new plan, and made me the luckiest girl in the world  . I look forward to sharing that story with you soon!

One piece of advice that has been given to me over and over by friends and family that have wed is that I MUST hire a wedding planner as preparing for the big day will be super stressful and my fiancé will be of no help.   While we will have a “day of” coordinator, I will not be hiring a wedding planner and thus far wedding planning has been A-MAZ-ING!! Creativity fuels my soul so I am completely in my element in trying to come up with fresh new ideas that represents who we are as a couple to make this day uniquely ours.  We definitely want to incorporate some traditional elements, but will be putting our own spin on them. We have been together forever, so we are looking at this more as a celebration of our union vs. a traditional wedding and I think that has helped keep my fiancé engaged and excited about the process and details. Speaking of together forever, we used that as our wedding hashtag but incorporated his last name (soon to be our last name): #togeathersforever.

While most grooms would probably run to the nearest exit when it comes time to get wedding details together, Sredrick has been there step by step and has been willing to help with everything. He knows that I have control issues, want to do everything myself and that I have the tendency to slightly flip out when things don’t go exactly right. Just slightly though.  So he’s been there to keep me level-headed and made sure everything has been executed exactly the way it should be.  He actually was the one that found our wedding photographer who took the most amazing save the date photos (thanks One Life Photography!) and I can’t wait to see what the wedding pictures will look like.  We also have found our venue, picked our colors (burnt orange and blue), wedding party, and bakery. We designed our wedding website ourselves as well as our save the dates which is a magazine!

As a couple it seems that we are the polar opposite at times, but at other times, where it counts most, we really are two of a kind. I guess that is what makes us perfect for each other. Birds of a feather. The journey to husband and wife is well on its way and I can’t wait until October 8th gets here to make it official.  Up next: Gown shopping….stay tuned!

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Photo by Victor Beloded of One Life Photo