Today, I’ll be a bride. Tomorrow, I’ll be a wife. Holy crap! I know every bride says they cannot believe how quickly the time flew by, and they weren’t kidding. I cannot wait to marry my best friend, which I know is something everyone says too, but it’s so true! There are so many emotions going through my head today; one of them being pure excitement. All the endless nights of planning with more bottles of wine than I can even count are about to come together.

I enjoyed the entire planning process from the beginning, mostly because I am super type-A and love to be in control. Etsy and Pinterest were certainly my best friends throughout the last year and a half. I started pinning away shortly after getting engaged and ironically enough, the first wedding dress I pinned was the dress of my dreams that I’m walking down the aisle in today. Can you say meant to be?! After all of the major decisions are made, there comes a time when you need to take a step back from that Pinterest board and enjoy what you’ve done so far. It becomes very easy to start second guessing the wedding style you have chosen, your colors, or any other small details you picked. As helpful as Etsy and Pinterest are in the wedding world, they can easily become very persuasive in changing everything up last minute. Just walk away slowly and enjoy it all. My one piece of advice for anyone planning their own wedding is to enjoy every single moment of it. I know everyone says the same thing, but it is amazing how quickly time flies by from the minute he pops the question to waking up the morning of your wedding. There were definitely times when I had to take a step back and not stress the small details and if everything was going to be perfect; which is so hard when you’re a complete perfectionist!

I was calm and not so much of a bridezilla up until the two week mark, and then it was like a switch flipped. I immediately felt more stress than I had over the last year and I was making lists of everything that needed to be done like it was my job. My day-to-day planner was my best friend and kept me on top of every vendor appointment I had, dress fittings, payment due dates, etc. Staying organized helped alleviate a lot of the stress and pressure leading up to the big day. I spent the last week or so packing up our bridal party gifts, finalizing the seating chart, searching for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress, and booking a spa appointment!

Now, it’s finally time to walk down that aisle and say I do to the love of my life.

Signing off as Ms. Foy for the last time!
xo, Jackie

Vendor Collaboration
Photography:  Suzanne Claire Photography