Certified Coordinated Bride Harmony

Journal Entry #5

Wedding Day Joy

My wedding day was perfect! The day started with big rain clouds, and of course it rained the whole day. I got a ton of text messages that morning reminding me that rain is a very good sign for a marriage…I just rolled with it. I was incredibly grateful to spend the whole day with my closest bridesmaids, family, and friends. For a 7pm wedding, it seemingly took the entire day (from 7am until the ceremony) to get everyone in hair and makeup, photography, and videography all done before the ceremony. I did manage to find some time in between the hustle and bustle to talk to Brent on the phone and to write him a special note letting him know how excited I was to marry him.

When the ceremony time arrived, I was so nervous and excited, but also at peace. I was able to finally share my overwhelming joy with all of our close friends and family. It was such a blessing. I walked down the aisle with both of my parents and got to marry my best friend. The ceremony room was filled and so was my heart. Somehow, I managed not to cry during the walk down the aisle and throughout my vows! Everything fell perfectly into place, I was so lucky to have my best friend and maid of honor sing an original song that she wrote during the ceremony, and sing and dance us into the reception.

My wedding reception was an absolute blast. At one point, it seemed like everyone was on the dance floor having a great time. Young and old, everyone was ready to party. The food was great, the cakes were awesome, I heard the drinks were really strong, and the music kept everyone partying into the night. One of the most unforgettable moments for me was when Brent took the microphone and announced to everyone that we were going on a honeymoon to New York City. I had no idea! We talked about waiting to do the honeymoon and not doing one right away, but of course he was throwing me off so that I would not suspect what he was planning. During the honeymoon announcement, he said we were going to NYC to see Hamilton, Wicked, and the Yankees. I had held it in all day, but at that moment I cried! I was overwhelmed to have such a great day, a great ceremony, and now getting to go to NYC with my new husband!

To this day I feel incredibly blessed, honored, and grateful to be married to such a special person. I can’t really type it into words. The past four months have brought so many blessings to our lives I can’t wait to see what will be next.

XO, Harmony

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer: Quinton Charles // Venue: Le Pavillion // Dress: Lauren Elaine Bridal