Certified Coordinated Bride Harmony

Journal Entry #4

Prepared for Forever

Weddings are one of the universal traditions we share among all humankind; every culture, every tribe all across the world has recognized the importance of vowing to spend one’s life with another. In a few short moments I will share in this experience as I embark upon a new journey with my husband. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m overwhelmed, I’m contemplative, and I’m prepared.

And did I say prepared?! My maid of honor and my godmother flew into town a week early to help me with the final details of the ceremony and reception. The past few weeks have consisted of gathering our final guest count, completing payments with vendors, our final meetings with our officiant, sending out early thank-you’s for registry gifts, and preparing for all of our guests who are traveling to attend our wedding. I am so excited to see our friends and family as we say our vows and prepare for forever.

As a graduate student and a professor I can be very meticulous and detailed; I’m currently working on letting some of that go and trusting that all will be perfectly as it should be.  My plans for the wedding week included: yoga, manis and pedis, requesting shoulder massages from all my family members, and making memories worth sharing over our whole lifetime.

Signing out for the last time as Harmony Thibodeaux!

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