Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry # 5
Introducing The New Mr. And Mrs.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

The moment when the plane touched down in the Bahamas I knew that I was in for a world wind of emotions. I was giddy, but tense. Happy but annoyed. A lot of new and old feelings overcoming me all at once. I just had to make it down the aisle to my best friend and enter into the next chapter of our little love story together. We had already got past the first I love yous, the first disagreement, the moving in together, getting a dog, buying a house, and now we were making it official, we were going into a legal binding commitment together in front of 40 of our closest friends and family. We had this!

The fresh island air warmed our skin, kissing us gently with its rays and tantalizing smells of the bohemian nirvana we we were in, and we were getting hitched! Today, writing back on how my wedding weekend went it all seems like a blur, I can’t even tell you which way the wind blew or what color the sky was when we stepped off the plane. All I can remember was how it felt to be holding Travis’ hand as we went through customs. How his warmth radiated over the chills that grew on my arms. How his calming voice stilled the bubbling nerves crawling up my neck as my hands shook as I filled out my intention of arrival paperwork. “You got this, I have the dress, I have the suit, everything will be fine babe. Even if it’s not, I am marrying my best friend and nothing can be better than that.” He said.

Atlantis, had a limo pick us up from the airport and escort us to our tower. The island all around us, was breathtaking. Travis and I took picture of the city and culture. I know this because of the massive amount of photos I have. When we went to the VIP check-in we instantly felt like the Meghan and Harry of the Island, everyone treated us like we were some sort of celebrities. It seemed that all the staff knew our names and congratulated us on our nuptials, making sure we had anything and everything that we could have needed. It was crazy!

The welcome Party and Bachelor/Bachelorette Festivities

Fast forward to the day of, June 1st, D-Day! Travis and I woke up bright and early and what would be a normal thing for us laying in bed and cuddling until it was time to start our day, was nowhere near normal for us. Everything was hypersensitive, I could taste the salt in the air, feel the stick of the humidity on my skin. Hear the crashing of the early morning waves breaking on the shore line. And I saw.. I saw the soul of the man with light brown eyes opening his arms to me. His eyes telling me that no matter how bad today, could go, that at the end of it, I had him and he had me for the rest of our lives. I saw the rest of my life in his eyes, the safety, the security, the beginning, the middle, and the forever. The tender kiss of his lips against mine as we gave each one another our ‘see you later’ kisses will forever be the sweetest memory of that day, the calm before the storm.

8 AM- The Spa Appointments

As a treat to from my mom and I- we treated my sisters, my bridesmaid, and my maid of honor to a morning of spa like fun, while the men… well the men, went to the beach and took the Leap of Faith. For those of you who have never been to Atlantis Resort, The Leap of Faith slide offers a daring and adventurous 60-foot almost-vertical drop from the top of the world-famous and iconic Mayan Temple. The body slide propels riders at a tremendous speed through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. Insert your excitement here. Okay, in full disclosure here guys, I didn’t get to ride any of the rides at Atlantis… wedding hair.

While the ladies and moms got their hair and makeup done, I got the bridal treatment back in my suite, did I mentioned they put us in a suite? Well yeah, it was awesome! My photographer which I have mentioned before was also my hair and makeup artist. She has been doing hair for my family for years and I couldn’t have my special day without her. I was just lucky enough to have my own paparazzi the entire weekend. While as smooth as any wedding morning you would think to go, mine went.

Noon- Bridal Portraits

I went through the entire morning without shedding a tear. The entire bridal party and my mom did too. That was up until it was time to do my bridal portraits. The dress, ah the dress, putting it on for what seems like the last time, was super exciting for me, I loved my dress it was Lazaro mermaid with an overly dramatic train. Nothing you’d lug all the way to the Bahamas to wear, but as Audrey Hepburn said “If I get married, I want to be very married.” The girls cried, they didn’t just cry either, they ugly cried. It was beautiful. It was weird, I didn’t really feel the emotion of my own wedding day even in that moment. Walking around the resort in my wedding dress to take photos, however, was very surreal. Everyone stopped to congratulate me and to take pictures. It was so blurry that I don’t even know how I made it through the photos. I just remember smiling and saying thank you, pulling at my dress or veil. I had to relive those moments through my bridal party to write this blog, in case you were wondering.

1pm- Father Daughter First Look

I have never in my life seen my father cry…. I made him cry. He made me cry. It was emotional. It was the first tear to fall from my face that day. But in true my dad fashion, he cracked jokes and made sure to threaten anyone who took pictures. Oh, they are below. Don’t worry.

2pm Our First Look

So the time was 2PM for Travis and I to do our first look, but I actually ended up seeing him by accident on my way downstairs to meet my dad for our first look. He was running to the bathroom while I was coming off the elevator. So after I dried my eyes from my father daughter first look, we had to reset and I had to ‘hide’ for our moment. They lost my groom, Travis had gotten himself lost. Of course, Travis is a creature of the land, he saw some Nerf Sharks and got lost in their beauty that they lost him. 10 minutes later he was safe and sound and ready for our first meeting. He looked so handsome, it was like I hadn’t seen my man in a decade, even though it had only a few hours. I was looking at him as my groom for the first time and the overwhelming love I felt was magical. I have spent the last 3 years looking at this man everyday and every night and I had never seen him the way I saw him on our wedding day. I fell head over heels in love with him all over again in that moment. Butterflies and first feelings resurfaced and I just kissed him. I kissed the hell out of him! An hour later after we did our pre-wedding portraits we were separated again for the final time.

630 PM- Showtime!

Travis and I had a very quaint, lovely, unplugged ceremony on the sand during twilight hour. Travis walked down to Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love along with his best man and groomsmen. The ladies walked down the sandy asile to Musiq SoulChild Don’t Change, and all the guest rose when JP Cooper Only Reason started to play as I walked down the aisle with both my mom and dad. As I rounded the corner of my guest a single tear fell from the corner of my grooms eyes as his lips turned up into a smile to walk towards me. The officiant said a prayer, my maid of honor recited “Why Marriage?” and we each recited our own handwritten vows. There were tears, laughter and a whole lot of love. With bubbles and cheers we walked into our future hand in hand.

After the Aisle

Where do couples who get married in paradise go for their honeymoon? The city of love obviously! Because Paris is always a good idea! Travis and I spent 9 days in Europe and it was beautiful. Like it was so beautiful I kind of want to live there now. The food was to die for, the people were unique, the weather, for June, was cold, but the breathtaking countryside was unreal.

We are newlyweds now! It’s crazy! It’s been a really bumpy ride but we have made it here. Him and I. Is it different? No, not really? It took some used to calling Travis my husband in context. Even took a few weeks to refer to myself as Mrs. Shapira. Marriage is hard work though. Yes, you get used to how someone lives and how they respond to things, but now you have to consider them in your everyday life and decision. You think about buying that $200 pair of shoes and then hesitate, because you are now using a combined bank account that you didn’t have before. Your once single mind shifts to a married one. ‘What are we having for dinner?’ What are our plans for the weekend?’ Granted, the entire duration of your relationship had a taste of the “we’s”, “ours”, “us” and “together’s”, but when you get married and you combine your one world with another person, you can feel it in your bones that you are living with another adult person for the rest of your life. And I guess the hardest part is not knowing what the future holds for you as a couple. TWO people not just a single person, but going into everyday with someone by your side ready to face any challenge is with you, makes life that much more enjoyable and a little less scary.

I don’t know what our future holds, whether it be kids, new jobs, moving to Europe, who knows. Whatever it is, it will take patience, love, compassion, respect, communication, apathy, and most importantly work for us to do this together and that my friends is so worth it!

Turning your I into a WE is priceless.

Until we meet again, my bridal babes, never forget to love with all your heart. Live inside the soul of another and make every moment together the best moments!


Vendor Collaboration
Bahamas Photographers: @jacquettastyle
Paris Photographer” @magdalenamartin_paris