Certified Coordinated Bride Ebony
Journal Entry # 3
Invitation Investigation

“Life is not the amount of breaths you take. It is the moments that take your breath away.” – Hitch

A wise person once told me that, your invitations set the entire theme of your wedding. That it does not matter about the venue the dress or even what was served for dinner. If your invitations are cheap. People will go into your wedding thinking that you are un-creative un-coordinated and have the right to show up to your wedding wearing ripped jeans and tank tops. The invite is the tone of your entire wedding, and your invites tell the world what kind of couple you are going to be. Now, I am still unsure how true this is, but being the first time bride in my family, I was pretty much shaking in my strappy sandals.

When it came to picking out my invites, yes I picked out invites after my dress, I went straight to good old Pinterest. What Pinterest is great at is giving you a world wind of brilliant fresh ideas that you might have originally thought of when you first logged in. If you are like me, you start out with one idea and just like Alice falling into Wonderland end up in a complete rabbit hole of what up-lighting you want to be shining during your grand entrance. By the time I circled back, I still had no idea what kind of wedding suite I wanted. Until I came across the cute and creative invite pins. Taking a cue from my destination wedding I got it in my head to play on the idea. Cute little airline tickets or baggage tags. Pin after Pin I discovered more and more ideas of how to establish this cute idea for my invites. What Pinterest is bad at, is feeding you these great hopes and dreams to be able to achieve anything imaginable under the sun and deeply, deeply depressed when you realize the things you want and can’t live without are unattainable within in the beautiful nightmare that is Pinterest.

It took a minute after the Pinterest high to realize I would need to be able to hire a graphic designer; a wedding invites printing service and a calligrapher to address each invite. That is when my brilliant bridesmaid and frequent bargainer turned me to Etsy. For those who never knew, Etsy it is the small business, Saturday meets homemade products on eBay. They make that great little knick-knacks you see on Pinterest and buy them from fabulously crafty people on Etsy.

For about a week I researched the shops and products checking review after review to see if which shop could not only create but also print and ship my suites to me. I started off with my save the dates, I went for baggage tags, with a twist. I made them into refrigerator magnets with the string and our picture on them. Jessica over at The Stylish Scribe in Nevada was my go-to gal! As the owner, she talked me through all of my brainstorm ideas of how many I should order if the pictures we took would look right. Down to the font color to match my wedding colors. In about eight days from placing my order my first batch of Save The Dates arrived! Of course in true Ebony fashion, I was short 20 save the dates and had to order another batch. Which Jessica was nice enough to rush order me some so that there wasn’t such a lag between my first mail out and the second. With them turning out so beautifully I had no choice but to ask her to do my wedding suite. You thought this was going to be an easy going story of how everything went over so smoothly. Nope.

About two months later, I was ready to purchase the suite. I had very lax but specific request for the suite. I wanted the invites to 1) Be in the fun shape of an airline boarding pass. Symbolizing the destination wedding of course. 2) Even though I was doing the “creative” thing, I wanted to make sure the invites embodied the type of event. We have a red carpet on the beach wedding. I do not want the invites to be so fun that you forget that this is an evening gown event. The beach is a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, but the party really starts at our Vintage Hollywood inspired reception. Now, keep in mind, I had previously worked with Jessica about two months prior to sending in my request for the wedding suite. We had already discussed colors themes, design and vision and her and eye were seeing eye to eye on everything. When a week went by after submitting my deposit for the design, and I heard nothing. I figured hey, they might be a little back up I will give them some time to get back to me. When two weeks went by I decided to pick up the phone. I gave her a quick call, and she was as pleasant as ever. She apologized for not getting back to me, and told me that they were in the process of moving into a new building and she assured me that she would personally work on my design that evening and have it by the end of the week. It was Thursday.

My friends have always said I have way too much faith in people. Especially, people, I do not know. It is true, and I also have a really hard time letting people down. We had the commitment, and I was determined to stick with Jessica, she had already earned my business before. She printed 80 beautiful save the dates for me. Why would I go anywhere else for my invites? She knows me. She knows what I want; we have already laughed and envisioned together. I feel like a cheater going elsewhere. Needless to say, two weeks turned into three weeks, and I had no response to my emails, and my hatred for calling people on the phone became my worst enemy.

By November, Jessica had finally arrived back into my circle! So to recap, I put my request in for invites at the end of August. From moving to a new location to getting things all set up. Jessica’s grandfather had fallen ill. Now I am nowhere near a heartless person, and I understood if she needs to pass my project onto a colleague while she dealt with her family issues. By all means, please handle your business. However, destination wedding etiquette says your invites should go out 4-6 months in advance. Thanksgiving came and no word. When she surfaced a few days later, she sent me an email about the passing of her grandfather. I felt horrible. Here I was catching a fit with a woman who lost her grandfather. I may not know her life, but I felt like a horrible person and even worse a horrible bride. I sent my condolences and went on my search for a new designer. Not because I was not loyal but because I figured she needs this time to be with her family.

To my surprise, Jessica sent me my invitation design options a week later. She gave me three different designs to choose from and with the added bonus charms to add to the suite. Four rounds of edits later and more back and forth conversation later. My invitations arrive certified mail January 2018. They were beautiful, and I was at a loss for words on how they came out. They were everything I wanted, and I was so excited to mail them out!

There are 74 days to go until this wedding. The suites are stuffed, stamped and mailed. Moreover, the RSVPs are starting to trickle in. I might have worried for weeks how they looked like, but now that they are out there in the world I know now that the invites are the least of my worries. What do you think is most important the type of paper you use or the question it is asking?

Check out some samples of our beautiful invitations below!

Until next time,