Certified Coordinated Bride Demonica

Journal Entry #4 Demonica’s


One of my most favorite things to do is travel. You can find me in the airport at least once a month traveling somewhere. I mean well I am in a long distance relationship J. So it was a no-brainer that for my bachelorette party {weekend}, we were packing up and going away! After a little research I decided on San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Like my bridal shower, I handed over a list of hard wants and soft needs I would like and this trip was beyond that! First let me say it started off a bit rocky because the bride missed her flight due to miscommunication. Talk about being upset! All my girls boarded their flights seamlessly while I sat in the airport delayed until another flight became available. However I finally made it 5 hours later and of course I was greeted with love, hugs, and shots!

We started off with a girl’s night in, in the most beautiful house we rented. I first thanked each of them for taking yet more time from their busy lives to spend time and money with me. I never take for granted how much they have done just to celebrate with me. I passed out gifts which included handmade hangover kits, bride squad shirts, and picture frames which photos of us and the call for the weekend #LastCallForMissJones.





The night continued with games from bullsh*t to pin the penis on the bachelor and even an interesting game of ring toss. After more drinks and games we headed out to explore Old San Juan in search of food and fun. The next day our driver, who did an amazing job getting us to each location throughout our entire stay, greeted us. First stop, the Bacardi factory. We learned a bit of history then headed to our mixology class where we made 3 of our own drinks and we all did a pretty good job. After the tour we were interrupted by a local protest and had to board a ferry where the party continued. Let’s just say the ferry ride was lit lol. Later that evening we got all dolled up and headed to the club where we had VIP and bottle service. Now I don’t know where my friends got the idea that I liked being surprised because 9 times out of 10 I don’t but halfway through the night one of my bridesmaids who told me she could not make it walked into the club. My night just got better from there on out. We literally danced the night away and some how ended up at Burger King at 4am ordering muchos hamburguesas.






The next morning and somewhat struggling after such a lit night, we got up early to meet our 8am call time to start our photo shoot. We met our photographer at La Playa del Escambron and struck a few poses. This was something that really meant a lot to me. Not only do I love pictures, creating memories and cherishing moments, I love that I have amazing friends who are all beautiful in their own way and I wanted to showcase that.





After fun in the sun we headed to El Yunque Rainforest and hiked two hikes and saw three beautiful waterfalls. This was not an easy hike. Lots of uphill and downhill slippery slopes, rocks, muddy trails, and many stairs. I mean we might still be feeling the effects. But IT WAS WORTH IT! We all took a dip into the waterfall and really just took it all in.





After prevailing back to our sprinter we got ready for our family dinner. We enjoyed our last meal together on the trip and it was amazing.




I love history, travel, adventure, pictures, family, friends, and a good time. That’s what this trip was. #LastCallForMissJones was a success! It was truly an amazing weekend and we did not want to leave but it was just a set up for what’s to come in 2 weeks.

Until next time!