Certified Coordinated Bride Daphnee

Journal Entry #2

“You don’t go to college to meet your husband; you go to college to meet your bridesmaids.”

This quote had never dawned on me until I was engaged.  During my undergrad years, I made some great friends that I hope will stay in my life forever. Unfortunately, I lost some friends that I thought would remain a part of my life but as always, God has his own plans.

I’m the only girl in my family, and also the youngest so I’ve never had a sister to fight with and be best friends with 5 minutes later.   I have a large bridal party, they all came during a different season in my life for reasons unknown to me.

I decided to propose to my bridesmaids by making a proposal box.  My initial realm of inspiration was Pinterest of course which then led me “Etsy”.  I saw a load of pre-made boxes, however I wanted the proposal to be more personal so I added my quirkiness. I got really creative and purchased boxes and craft materials that allowed me to add touched that I felt reflected all of their personalities.

I made reservations at the Art Bar, an intimate restaurant facing the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, and then asked each of my future bridesmaids to meet me there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.   While making the reservation, I spoke with the restaurant manager and asked him to play “I choose you” by Sara Bareilles once queued.  I’m convinced there is a soundtrack to my life because I need to incorporate music into everything that I do.   On the day of the bridesmaid proposal I made a quick speech and then caught the manager’s attention.  He played the song throughout the entire restaurant and the tears started rolling (MY TEARS! I was an emotional wreck).  As each bridesmaid opened their box, they saw tissue paper in the color of the wedding, a heartfelt note of our relationship, a bottle of wine, a hangover kit (tic tacs, advil and floss-super random but essential for hangovers), a ring pop and the movie “Bridesmaids”.   Thankfully my Lucky 7 all agreed to be my bridesmaids! We spent the rest of the time eating, drinking, talking, laughing, and crying (mostly me).   At that moment, they promised to continue to be my support system and even tolerate me if I become a bridezilla.

With that being said, I will forever be grateful for Josh in many ways for it is because of him I met half of my dream team A.K.A “Dash Team”. Darling, Jina and Yoko showed me how true they are during my and Josh’s darkest times of our relationship. They’re my necessary prayer warriors! Becky and Joli have shown time and time again that even when I just need a laugh, comfort, they’ll always be first in line to deliver. Catherine and Mellisa became more than just friends to me, they became a part of me; even when I don’t think I need the support, they somehow show me that they have nothing but love and support to give me.  Deciding who my bridesmaids were going to be was by far one of the easiest decisions I made throughout the planning process this far. I am surrounded by love and support from these wonderful ladies that have seen the good and the bad in me and my relationship and have helped me grow. I’m coming from a girl that had no sisters to gaining 7 wonderful ones.

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Talk to you soon, Daphnee