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Journal Entry #3

How I chose my bride tribe! (And how you can choose yours!)

So I know you’re really here to see what kind of crazy, cool bridesmaid proposal I did… and I’m sorry to disappoint BUT each bridesmaid is different and some like different things so you can’t just give them all the same things because they are each special! Some I took out to an event, others I took out to lunch, and other’s I just sat down with. All my gifts were generally the same but designed for each person. I got custom made confetti cards with modern calligraphy and personalized wine glasses both by @chronoworks with something special (gifts ranged from chocolates, wine, beauty, or bubble tea)!

All of my bridesmaids are special to me and I have a different relationship with each of them. ♥

Meet my bridesmaids as I share some tips for choosing bridesmaids!


Shirelle and Jasmine

Carly and Kathleen





Here are some honest tips I can provide from my own experience for choosing my bridal party:

  • Take your time! There is no rush or time limit on when you should choose your bridesmaids. Take some time to enjoy your engagement, let all the newly engaged feels settle down and see who’s still there for you. Make sure they’re someone that you can count on for the long run.
  • Be honest, but most importantly be realistic. Let’s be real – we all want those Pinterest perfect pictures and do Instagram worthy things but it’s truly not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes it’s just not in their budget. When asking your bridesmaids, please let them know in advance of what you want and the responsibilities you expect them to take up.
  • Now that I’ve mentioned responsibilities – make sure you whoever you ask is responsible and willing to do their due diligence of being a bridesmaid. It all plays along with being honest and realistic. Tell them what you’re looking for and if you know they can handle it and will stay true – then they might be the right bridesmaid for you 😊
  • Don’t feel pressured to ask someone to be your bridesmaid just because they asked you in the past or if you were in their wedding. Sometimes there are long lasting close relationships …and sometimes, there’s not. As adults, they should understand, and you shouldn’t feel guilt.


I hope you found these tips helpful! Until next time, ladies!


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