Certified Coordinated Bride Brittani

Journal Entry #3

The Adventures of the Bride to BE….Takes MIAMI & THE BAHAMAS

Being a Bride to BE has been one of the most adventurous times in my life!  There are many stages every bride goes through and most of these have your emotions all over the place. However, aside from all of the wedding planning and the stressors that come along with the planning and decision making, there is also so much fun to be had!!! These fun moments include getting together with your wedding entourage, friends, family, and loved ones for the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

To coincide with our love story, the theme of my bridal shower was “Meant to BE”. The shower was given to me by my wonderful mommy and it was nothing short of classy, pretty, and fabulous!!!  Since pink is my favorite color and the shower theme was “Meant to BE”, the color scheme used was pink, mint green, and cream. Guests were asked to wear their favorite shade of pink or green. My mom and I share very similar characteristics, especially with details and planning so there was no doubt in my mind that everything about my shower would BE Amazing. Like, we literally think the same things and can complete one another sentences. She had some assistance from family, friends, and members of my bridal party with decorating and finalizing details to ensure that all of her creativity came to fruition.

Everything was kept a surprise from me. The only thing I was told was the location, what time to show up, and to wear white.  Now, those who know me well know that not being in control is a major issue for me. I like to be in the know so it is hard for me to let others surprise me. However, I did release control…probably because I did not have any choice…what mommy says goes!!! I am the only child and my mommy and I share a bond like no other. There was so much love put into the planning of my bridal shower. As I walked in the room, I felt our loving bond and was so humbled by all the hard work that went into making this day so special for me.  It was at that very moment that I truly felt like the bride to be and that I was getting married. She has helped me every step of the way of this wedding planning journey. I could not have gotten through any of this without her support, encouragement, and guidance. My bridal shower was beyond perfect but those that were there did not know that I had a major wardrobe crisis within hours before the bridal shower. Over the past few weeks, I had been shopping for white dresses and ordered a ton of dresses online. The problem is I did not like anything that I tried on. Literally, an hour before my shower, I finally found my dream dress …thanks to my God Mother who helped me pick it out. My final outfit was a white lace dress with mint green shoes.


I arrived at the shower but had to wait to enter the ballroom because of a special surprise grand entrance. I can get very shy when all the attention is on me so I was a little nervous about this grand entrance. One of my maids of honor announced to the guests that the bride to be was entering and then the doors opened. My mom greeted me with a kiss and crowned me with a “Bride To BE” tiara and veil. I felt so special! Everyone was standing up to greet me (over 65 guests) as I made my grand entrance and cameras were flashing everywhere. The room was beautifully decorated with all of my favorite things, including a special Bride to Be Doll that my mommy created just for me. One of my hobbies includes collecting Barbie Dolls.  In addition, my grand entrance music was to Beyoncé’s Ava Maria. I am probably Beyoncé biggest fan and for my mommy to introduce me using the same song that she walked down the aisle at her wedding, put the icing on the cake. That is truly what is so special about my mommy, she goes above and beyond for me and I am so thankful and blessed that God gave me her as a parent.  As I made my way to my seat, guests were given a pink heart with a word on it describing different topics about marriage and love. The maids of honor were in charge of conducting games and they began this game. Each guest had to introduce themselves and tell how they knew me and then give me advice based on the word on their heart. Within five minutes of this game, the waterworks began! I was so overjoyed by all of my family, friends, and loved ones and the wonderful things that they said about me along with the advice given. This was such a beautiful moment and something that I will cherish forever. We took a break after this game to eat some of my favorite foods that included a mashed potato bar with all of the toppings that you could ever imagine. I mixed and mingled with guests during this time and made sure to capture a photo with each of them. After eating, we played a few more games including Bridal Feud and Who Knows The Bride To BE the Best before opening gifts. I loved each and every one of my gifts and read every single card. Each gift touched me in a special way. A gift that was very special to me was “Future Mrs. DeLoach” sash that was created for me by my mommy and grandma. For me it represented our three generations and symbolized that their “baby” is getting married! Saying that we had fun would be an understatement!! Guests left commenting, “if this is what the bridal shower looks like…we can only imagine what the wedding will be like”! I cannot wait to share my vision with all of my wedding guests! This will truly be a wedding to remember.

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A few weeks later it was the Bachelorette Party Time!!! I was super excited about this trip because my fiancé had taken his trip a few week before and had the time of his life. It was time to Keep Calm and Get My Bachelorette On! My girls originally wanted to keep the destination a secret but my mommy and another bridesmaid revealed that we were going to New Orleans. I was happy with that because I actually knew the destination. However, the joke was definitely on me! Everyone was in on the surprise, even my hubby to be! Now, I have been to New Orleans over a thousand times and was told that we were flying to New Orleans because it was something that we have not done before. The whole time I was thinking, “why not just drive”? We make it to the airport and I am given an orange gift bag with blue dolphins and sea shells inside. So at this point I am totally confused. Then inside was a card that read Adventures of the Bride To BE on the outside with photos of me. I proceeded to open the card and the message inside told me that we were going to MIAMI and that my trip was all inclusive!!! I went to MIAMI with five of my favorite people, my two maids of honor (Breanna- Aunt and Tia – Best Friend), and three bridesmaids (Monica- Aunt, Kierra-Cousin and Sadé – High School Friend). These girls managed to totally blindside me and surprise me with an amazing bachelorette trip! Now, the fiancé had his bachelor trip in Miami as well so our goal was to party harder than the guys did. I am not sure if there is a clear winner because as we like to say it ….we both went super hard!

Adventures of The Bride To BE was such a fitting theme for this trip as this trip was probably one to go down in the history books under epic fun. From the moment we landed, the turn up was real!!! From Thursday to Sunday, we probably only slept at the most 10 hours! My girls told me that Thursday would probably be our most chill day…and yes they were exactly right.  During the day we explored Miami, went eating, to the beach, etc. That night we went out for drinks, food, and a good time and ended our “morning”. After sleeping a couple of hours, we were back at it! For day 2 of the Adventures of The Bride To BE, I received another gift bag with a card explaining that day’s adventures which included parasailing, formal steak dinner, and party bus fun later that night. I am so afraid of heights and parasailing took me out of my comfort zone but I LOVED every minute of it…such a liberating and life changing experience.  Each day after being given the itinerary, I was told the look of the day/night as far as attire. So on day 2, I was told to wear white on our outings, while the girls had on all black. What I did not know that the best was yet to come with day 3 and my last and final surprise. From the party bus, we changed and immediately went to a shuttle that took us to a place that was unknown to me because I had no clue where I was going! Once we arrived, I was told that we were going to take a cruise and spend the day in the BAHAMAS! I was absolutely speechless and excited at the same time! So we went from parasailing in Miami to banana boat riding, dolphin touring, eating island food, and drink Bahama Mamas in the Bahamas….so amazing.

My girls outdid themselves and they managed to keep my mind off of all the wedding planning. Despite  all of us having such busy schedules and residing in different locations, I am beyond thankful that they took the time to plan something so special for me. It really touched my heart and I appreciated every single moment spent with these ladies. Having genuine people in your life like this is hard to come by. The Adventures of the Bride To BE was the most entertaining, exciting, adventurous trip of all time…having minimal sleep was well worth it! Who sleeps when you are having so much fun anyway? Of course some things occurred that we cannot discuss…it is a bachelorette party right?!? What happens in Miami and the Bahamas stays in Miami and the Bahamas!  As the Adventures of the Bride To BE are soon coming to an end, get ready to kiss this Feyoncé goodbye on 10.10.15!!!

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