I am experiencing major “Wedding Brain”! Everyday that got closer to the wedding day, I thought of X amount of things that needed to be done, and for the most part items got ticked off the list. Some last minute errands included printing photos, amending seating charts, creating favors, meeting vendors, etc. 

Advice for my fellow Coordinated Brides

Within the past few weeks, Moe and I have moved in together and not only had the pleasure of wedding planning but also planning out our living space. If you sensed a hint of sarcasm in there then I’m sure you guessed it wasn’t initially an easy process. Luckily, I can happily say Moe and I have been blessed to have a great support system of family, friends, and wedding planner that genuinely go out of their way to help us with the smallest of details to the largest of plans. 

Throughout this THREE YEAR wedding planning, my best advice is to fellow brides is to always stay true to what you want for your wedding. Moe and I are both huge family people and we value our families opinions greatly. However, throughout this process we found ourselves often changing our initial vision for the wedding to please our loved ones. We started to become miserable and felt like we were being untrue to ourselves and NOT PLANNING OUR WEDDING BUT OUR FAMILIES WEDDING. The best solution we found was to compromise and choose our battles. Planning a multicultural and interfaith wedding was often challenging but compromising always seemed to smooth out a lot of those challenges.

Another piece of advice is to use your time wisely! I’m all about being balanced, I literally have over 10 calendars to organize my time. I also created a wedding email and folder on my MacBook and “a wedding – Note folder ” on my iPhone and MacBook to better organize my wedding related emails and items in one area.  I’m a visual person and being organized truly helps me process things easier and quicker!

I’m really looking forward to seeing all of Moe’s and my loved ones in a dance battle. I’m only kidding. I will be looking forward to seeing all of our long days and nights of planning all come together; and to dancing the night away with all our loved ones! 

Here’s to 13 years plus 13 days of dating, and over 3 years of wedding planning….on September 1, 2017 we will FINALLY be Celebrating this new Chapter in our life, as Mr. And Mrs. Islam! 

XOXO, Amanda