First came the Surprise Proposal, then the Surprise Bachelorette Party Trip and most recently the Surprise Bridal Shower!

In the beginning stages of my wedding planning process ( about three years ago) I told my maid of honor that I wanted my bachelorette and bridal shower to be a complete surprise with the only exception that we go away for the bachelorette.. and Let’s just say… that’s what I got! Now in hindsight, I think my bridal party was pretty clever with their planning because they would ask me questions about what I wanted in between wedding planning talk and many other general topics.

A little under my one year wedding countdown mark, I asked my maid of honor to please give me the dates of my bachelorette and bridal shower events. I told her I needed the dates to request off from work which was very true but I also wanted an excuse to go shop for cute outfits to wear to these events!

Being that my Bach party was a surprise huge surprise and I had to wait for quite some time to know where I was going, its only fair for me to leave you in suspense for a little while longer.

Heres a Fun Fact:  About one month before my bachelorette party, I got my maid of Honor to tell me the time of our flight and then I Googled as many flights as I could that were leaving from NY around the time she gave me. I couldn’t handle the suspense so I had to figure out a way to narrow down locations.

…Still in Suspense? Ill give you a big clue.. think of the catchy lyrics of the song….Despacito…… and what country is mentioned in the song?

Despacito en ……..PUERTO RICO!!

Here are some Highlight’s from My Surprise Bachelorette Party Aka Amanda’s Bach Fete!! Vamos (Let’s go!)…

Now let’s talk Tea..

My Surprise Tea Party Bridal Shower..

Ever since I could remember I use to pretend to have a tea party and play house with my stuffed animals and dolls when I was a kid.

Fun Fact: A tea cup set was on of the first things on my Christmas list along with baby new born because it’s always a good time to play Tea!

Again, I only knew the date of the bridal shower but had no idea of where it would be or the theme. All I knew was that I gave my Maid of Honor a guest list a few weeks before and would be picked up by Moe (My husband- we are legally married now) at 2pm on 08/05/17. I was to be blindfolded on my drive to the location.  After a lot of mind wandering and question asking, Moe made me tighten my blindfold and THEN PUT ON HEADPHONES once we got closer to the location.

Final Fun Fact: I kept peaking from the bottom of my blindfold to text my friends about me being hungry and to check my eye make up in the camera of my phone!

Moe guided me out of the car and walked me into the Le Noir Chat- A Super cute Tea house filled with my loved ones from corner to corner! Initially, I was shocked to hear everyone say “SURPRISE!!” because I didn’t even realize we were in the place of where the bridal shower would be! But after a few moments I regained a normal breathing pattern and began to slowly to process that everyone was there to for ME! I felt like that was serendipi-tea! (no pun intended).

Here are a few highlights from my Bridal Shower Partea:

And that’s all folks! I can’t believe that it’s a little under three weeks until the big day!