Couple: Aisha Alcaraz and Cameron Marshall
Wedding Date: March 5, 2017
Wedding Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

Cameron and I met in undergrad at Arizona State University. He was a football player, and I was a cheerleader—cliché, we know! We caught each other’s eye on the field, but it was off the field when we fell in love.

tcb026We continued to date throughout college but unfortunately after graduation, our careers forced us to be long distance. He left to play for the Miami Dolphins, and I stayed in California to study for the LSAT. Football and law school caused us both to move around the country, but never in the same place. He went from Miami to Canada, then from Seattle to Jacksonville. I on the other hand, went to law school and am now finishing my final year at Arizona State. The distance is tough. But our relationship is stronger than ever because of it.

Fast forward four years from the time we met, and now we’re newly engaged.

Once off season started, Cameron began planning the ultimate proposal. Why did it take him all off season? I’ll be honest, I’m a hard gal to surprise. But that wasn’t the only thing. Cameron was training in California while I was in Arizona. His first task: planning an out-of-state proposal.

He had two things in mind while planning: gardens and sunsets. My two favorite things. This lead him to The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. “We’re going on a date night,” he said. “Dress nice, because we have a private area for Music in the Garden.” I’m thinking, what a wonderful date night. What could be better than wine, romantic tunes, and a sunset? Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Something seemed a little more special about this date night though. While we were walking to our section, I realize the entire walk way was candle lit. You’re probably saying to yourself, “This has to be the point where she knew.” Let me tell you, I didn’t. I thought he got us a private place to view the concert. So you can imagine how confused I was when we got to the end of the walkway surrounded by candles, but the concert was out of view. And that’s when it happened. He grabbed both of my hands and said “We’ve been together for four years now and . . .”

tcb013tcb011tcb012tcb014I’ll be honest. I don’t remember the rest. It was all a blur. My heart was beating so fast. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Before I knew it there he was, down on one knee asking “Aisha, will you marry me?” It was a beautiful blur.

Now, football season is here and wedding planning is underway. We’ve gotten the basics down like venue, food, and dress. There’s still plenty to look forward to like design, flower proposal, cake tasting and so much more. Oh, and Snapchat filters! Between our careers and school, things get a little hectic. So we’re so thankful for our amazing wedding planners BTS Events Management, who will be helping us along the way. We plan to get married at The Camby, Autograph Collection in Phoenix, Arizona next off season. And we couldn’t be more excited!tcb019 tcb020tcb001 tcb002 tcb003tcb007 tcb008 tcb009 tcb010tcb022 tcb004tcb23 tcb024 tcb030tcb027tcb025