Certified Coordinated Bride Rachel

Journal Entry #4

The End of the Road

Well, I can see the end of the road now. I’ve been planning my wedding for almost 14 months and I’m glad that it’s finally here. I am a few days away from my August 8th wedding and there’s not much left for me to do. I made the decision early in the planning process to hire a wedding planner so I wouldn’t be so stressed out days before the wedding and on the wedding day.  My planner has done an amazing job at putting all the small pieces together to create the big picture. The minor things that I have left to do are to finalize song choices for my ceremony, finalize wedding day prep plans and stay on top of my fiancé’ to ensure all his responsibilities are done …lol!  And I am sure that he would tell everyone that he “always” handles his business.


The Wedding Planning Process

Overall, the process of planning my wedding has been pretty smooth. Of course there have been stressful and emotional times throughout the process, but I’m beginning to see how everything is going to magically come together.   Now that I am at this point of the planning process, I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to put together a beautiful celebration for my best friend and I. We did our best to plan an intimate celebration, that we hope allows our guests to truly experience the love that Milton and I share for one another.


Wedding Day Expectations

What I am looking forward to most on my wedding day is our exchanging of vows, but also being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Milton Amis Dickerson. Every time I hear a couple exchange vows, whether they are traditional or personalized, I become emotional because I believe the covenant of marriage is truly sacred. I know when Milton and I exchange vows, it will be very personal for me and it will be a moment that I cherish for the rest of my life. The next best thing will be being introduced as Mrs. Dickerson. I believe, how a couple is introduced, sets the tone the remainder of the reception. Milton and plan to set the tone just right by being introduced to a classic song that describes us and we’ll be ready to celebrate the night away.

Advice to Fellow Coordinated Brides

My advice to all Coordinated Brides who are beginning their wedding planning process, decide what type of ceremony you want, big, small, destination, courthouse, etc. and don’t allow anyone to change your mind.  If you decide to have a traditional wedding it can be stressful, but if it’s truly what you want, take your time planning, budget well, stay within your means and you will be fine.  And finally don’t compare your wedding plans to brides who will get married before you. Constantly comparing your wedding will leave you more stressed than you need to be. Plan your wedding exactly how you want and don’t worry about what anyone else will think about it. Coordinated Brides, I wish you nothing but success in your wedding planning, a marriage ceremony that is beautiful, and a marriage that lasts a lifetime.


Soon to be Mrs. Dickerson

Image by Jon Tannen – jontannen.com

Image by Jon Tannen – jontannen.com

Image by Jon Tannen – jontannen.com


Image by Jon Tannen – jontannen.com

All images by Jon Tannen.