Joanne has reached the 100 day mark on her wedding countdown!  Let’s catch up with her to see how wedding planning is going.

Working for my Wedding

Have you ever been hired for your dream job, and then quickly learned that you were completely under qualified? What if you soon learned that that same job took all of your time and efforts, but instead of getting paid for your work you spent money to make the work happen? But what if despite all that you knew that this job was a work of love and that it would help to make your dreams come true??!!! That’s exactly how I would explain my wedding planning process; my part-time job that utilizes all my time, money and creative power!!!

I never thought that planning my wedding would turn into a part-time job, while still working my full-time job, and attempting to balance my personal life and sanity. As a bride on a budget, my resources are very important to me, and that includes time and money. My wedding is less then 100 days away and I am starting to feel the pressure of meeting my wedding project deadlines! As I speak, I am typing this from my office desktop with multiple tabs up, which includes my “real job” work, wedding vendors, and my checklist. Sometimes I thought about taking a leave of absence to commit my time to my dream job, and then I realized I needed my real job to support my dream job! Because of this I have learned the art of multi-tasking and as Wedding planning has been a part time job for me to make my wedding plans a success.

During this wedding planning time I been very resourceful and used all types of media outlets such as Pintrest, Instagram, FaceBook, and every wedding blog I could find. I have taken this “part-time job” seriously by investing time, creative efforts, and support from those around me to make my dream wedding a success. I have utilized all the apps, tips, and tools and at the end of the day….. still need help!! This phase of my engagement has not only been hard work, it’s been extensive, stressful, conflict-causing, and exciting none the less.

While planning my wedding I have learned a lot about my friends, my family members, my fiancée and myself, and I am still learning. As much as I have already learned while planning my wedding, I know that there is so much more to learn as I prepare for my transition to my new position as wife. As difficult I feel my part time job as a wedding planning fiancé has been, I know that the job as a wife will take much more time, patience, effort, and commitment of a lifetime to complete my dream job of being a wife to the love of my life.