Certified Coordinated Bride Ashley

Journal Entry #2

Bridesmaid Proposal

To have a friend and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.


IMG_7153I believe that so many women have their fairy tale wedding already planned from childhood. From color choices, the style of dress and even their bridesmaids. I was the total opposite. I had no vision because I’ve always wanted a small wedding. Something intimate or just my groom, the officiant and myself. Well my Groom-to-be is determined to have a HUGE wedding. Soon after he purchased my engagement ring he had already asked the guys to be groomsmen. So he had eight groomsmen before I even said yes! I was setup, lol. But that was a good one.

Having so many friends, picking my bridesmaids was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I lost some sleep, worried about hurting feelings and stressed over the decision. Yet it had to be finalized. I chose eight young ladies that not only are close to me, but close to Bert. Everyone has poured encouragement and love into our relationship. So it was only right that they stand next to us on our biggest day together.

A few weeks after Bert and I finalize our wedding date we decided it was time to include the bridesmaids into the planning. I sent a text to all of my closest girlfriends. They all obliged to attend the gathering. Every one of them asked what was the occasion, they’re so nosey! I just mentioned it was a ladies night my mom was throwing to celebrate my engagement. So they happily came! Unbeknownst to them I was so nervous all day. My Mother and I planned the food, drinks, and I took days preparing their gifts.

One by one they walked in and every time the doorbell rung I jumped with anxiousness. Once the last invitee arrived I explained how happy I was that everyone was able to attend and handed out a box for each of them. The look on their faces when they seen their initials on the outside of the box made me giggle. My surprise was working!! I expressed my love and gratitude individually to each of them. Then asked them to open the boxes. If I could’ve taken a snapshot of their faces I would’ve. I was elated that each of them said yes!

I decided to create a box with not only things I love but things they enjoy too.

1. Swatch of the dress color

2. A notebook for important info

3. A matching pen

4. One of my favorite lip glosses

5. A blinged out compact mirror

6. A ring pop so they can rock a ring too.

7. A set of pearls

8. Info concerning the wedding

“Your Role”, “Our Big Day”, “The Dress”, and “My Divas: The Bridesmaids”

I’m elated to share this journey with these ladies and wouldn’t want anyone else!

Avery: Maid of Honor, Has been my best friend since the second grade.

Erica: Maid of Honor, My baby sister who is my right hand man!

Jessie: Matron of Honor, my first cousin and my first friend.

Arriale: Bridesmaid, my older cousin and big influence.

Renee: Bridesmaid, my dear friend and ball of energy.

Rose: Bridesmaid, my close friend and voice of reason.

Shakita: Bridesmaid, Bert’s best friend but my dear friend too. Bert’s voice of reason.

Shante: Bridesmaid, my roommate for 5+ years and more like a big sister.

Each of these ladies have done something extra special in my life.  I’m so blessed that they have supported me throughout this journey!