One week, 2 new Certified Coordinated Brides!!  Ashley and Bert have been together for 3 years.  Bert is a single father to a 13 year old and the man of Ashley’s dream and she didn’t even know it.  They are preparing to wed on September 19, 2015 and we are happy to have her on the blog sharing her journey to the altar!

Today, we get to know Ashley and Bert but check back periodically to share in her fitness journey, bridal party, diy, favorite purchases and that  emotional rollercoaster that comes with planning a wedding.


My name is Ashley L. Eubanks, I am 28 years old and from sunny South Florida. AND I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!  Sorry please excuse my excitement but I’m seriously so excited to marry my best friend and love of my life.

Here’s our love story

Three years ago I officially met my fiancé Bert at our mutual friend’s home. We both were visiting her after she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy of her breasts. It was a traumatic experience but waiting to see her it allowed me to really get to know Bert. I’d seen him previously on several occasions but he wasn’t my type so I overlooked him . But that night was different. We laughed and shared small talk. Eventually we both left. I saw him a week later at a breast cancer walk we participated in in honor of our mutual friend.   I still wasn’t romantically interested! He felt differently.

After Facebook stalking me for months, liking my pictures, commenting on my statuses and private messaging me, I was inclined to give him my number. My story is I gave him my number to get more information on visiting my church. His story is that I was playing hard to get but I wanted to give him the “digits” all along! Lol. He asked me on a date but I said that I would consider it if he gets the permission of our three mutual friends, one being my older cousin. I did this with the hope they’ll say no!! But they didn’t!

On Valentine’s Day 2012 Bert called me to ask me my plans for the night. I told a small white lie about me having a date. Yet he already knew I was home alone, face mask on, eating snacks watching lifetime! He convinced me go out with him and after not talking for the first hour I warmed up. He was the total opposite of my type, he was a single father and was a workaholic. But I couldn’t help laughing and smiling throughout the date. At the end of the day we walked hand in hand and have been for the past three years!  Above all else he’s the man of my dreams!

The Proposal

Bert’s surprise proposal was perfect! We normally have Friday date nights weekly so when he said,  “Let’s go out”  it wasn’t a big deal. He picked me up an hour late but I quickly forgave him because he came with flowers, lol.  He turned to my Mother and said “Hey Mama Val your car looks nice (she just had it washed) let me take my baby out for a spin”. She surprisingly agreed (my Mother loves her car!)

We pulled up to one of my favorite restaurants on the intercostal. This is a pricey place so I wanted to go to a place nearby that was more affordable. Bert told me “This is where I want to take you.” Upon entering we were greeted and Bert stated his reservation time. Now I was impressed because he’s never made reservations! We were seated on the water in between a huge yacht and a fishing boat. The lighting and sound of the waves were perfect. We chatted about the day being special because the date was 9.5.14.

After dinner I expressed my gratitude and shared how I’d love him forever. In turn he told me how much I meant to him but we were interrupted by the waiter. As soon as I was trying to tell him that we didn’t order this dessert I saw my older cousin. After seeing her and so many others who are special in my life, I said “Babe look who’s here!” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Bert was on one knee! I cried as if I were at a funeral!! It took over 5 minutes to calm down and breathe regularly… and to finally say yes!!! Surrounded by family and friends…I said yes to my forever love.

Please enjoy the pictures below from the professional photographer that Bert hired to capture this moment.
And now we’re getting married!!!

I’ve always wanted to know what the bride did and felt over the course of planning a wedding. Now I can share this with you and I am looking forward to it!